Fav thing to do in a LD?

I’m just wondering what is everyone’s favorite thing to do while they are in a lucid dreams. Maybe see your favorite band perform for you and your friends, fly around the world, etc.?

#1 Flying wherever as fast as possible
#2 Sex

Actually have a proper LD

And what exactly is a “proper” LD?

I think he just means having a lucid dream longer than 4.5 seconds and actually having control would be his favorite thing to do.

I share the same frustrating problem… :grrr:

Just being what you really are… You are in another world and everything can be just what you want it to.

My prime goal when I LD is to ask the person I’m in love with certain questions, to see what this person thinks about me. I trust my sub-conscious more than I trust my conscious there.

Oh, and I’d also like to travel to other cultures and meet other people. But I can’t be egoistical, I need to prioritate everything for this person that I’m in love with.

Sound cool guys, and yes I knew sex would be here somewhere. Some fun things I thought of were:

  1. Create a GIANT bowl full of all the cake, chocolate, etc. that you could eat. Eat it as fast as you can and create the dream command that you will never get fat.

  2. Freeze time and explore lol.

  3. Fly around the city at super high speeds.

  4. Show up in an island with my favorite bands playing, and lots of beautiful ladies :wink:.

…the list goes on lol. Keep em coming.

I like(d) talking to dream characters and pissing them off.

For any of you who have seen the Cedric The Entertainer show, there’s a (I think…) Spanish guy who acts in the skits. For some reason, he was in my dream as a store clerk. I through a DVD at him and he called the cops on me.

I want to go back into my LD and beat him into the ground. :smile:

LOL, interesting… but isn’t there better things you could do? :eh:

well, last time I was fighting against some alien buggers only grenades as my weapon, but this wasnt really working out very well, since i kept dying and the whole thing kept replaying all the time, though this was the point i was loosing lucidity… before that i was just levitating a bit and hopping and then gliding around and that was some fun…
Ill pull off something greater though, when I get full control over my surroundings etc… this one i was just interacting with it…
hmm… so i share the same frustration, having a proper LD.-

Yeah I hate when you finally realize you are dreaming, but then you lose lucidity. Oh well I guess we just need more practice.

Last night I became lucid in the middle of an attack by some creepy guys. Normally I would confront my fears and start talking to my attackers but this time I decided to fight them. I threw one guy a few miles up into the air. Never saw him again :content: I grabbed the other one with one hand and squeezed his head until it exploded. Everything was covered in blood and brains. You could actually hear his skull cracking and splattering into pieces. It was a total mess. I don’t think I’ll do this kind of stuff again…

Sounds pretty disgusting :wink:.

There’s … other things you can do in lucid dreams, now? :grin:

Haha :cool_laugh:

Hey guys, First timer here. I just figured out what an LD was yesterday, and came kinda close to one lastnight. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldnt really drive myself into doing something to test it, so I just went along for the ride.

Anyway, my fav thing to do would be: Beat ppl up! Nothing better, no rules…nothing. No hard feelings either! Flying would be another, and then I gess sex (of course.). I cant wait to have my first LD, it sounds like loads of fun.

Yeah it is pretty amazing, just don’t get too hooked on them cause that could be dangerous lol. You gave me some ideas, im gonna go matrix on some gangs ass :-p.

Well so far, the best thing I’ve done in my dream is hover around for a bit. But that’s not really saying much considering I’ve only had one lucid dream ever :shy:

But when I do have more control in my LD’s, I wanna:

  • Re-enact the lobby scene from The Matrix

  • Jump up reaaaaaaally high then come flying down onto a fat person >> <<

  • Use DBZ powers

  • Dream sex, of course

  • Beat up a load of kids at school that I hate

  • Have a lightsabre battle with random guys



Sounds like a good start!
But you forgot:
-Swordfight with anyone who gets in the way (akin to Lightsabres), Samurai style. Maybe a naginata or a saber.
-Turn into a hawk and fly.
-Become a fish and go explore the ocean.
-Move around random objects and propel them into random objects with my mind.
-Make a big rainstorm (No reason, I just like rain).
-Drive a car at obscene speeds (14…Curses).

  • Re-enact storylines of my favorite books, movies, and games…But only the ones that involve beating up stuff and sailing and flying. Pirates of the Caribbean and Shining Force II come to mind. :happy:

There, I’ll tack that on.