The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic - Part V

This is Part 5 of the “BIG Favorite thing to do in a LD” topic.

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Flying is my favorite thing, I know its probably considered lame compared to other things.

The most fun I had in an LD, I pointed at the ground and made a whole ton of snow up and disappear. Then I flew around.

Flying is awesome, but nothing beats messing with the DCs :good:

Lol! Thats why I said I’m sure there are better things than flying, but it seems to be all that I have done besides a few rare times.

Okay, So these are some of the favorate things I would do If When I get another LD (high level for once :neutral: )

Fly (duh)
Sex (duh)
Do Drugs
Go to a restaurent eat everything I want with out worrying about the bill
Burn down my old school :devil:
Kill all the bullys I hate :wallhit:
Transform into an animal\Mithical creature
Enter an Anime\Video Game
Become A pirate (Arr Matie)
Go to Hogwarts
Go to an amusment park
use DBz superpowers
fight with swords
Go out in public naked
thats my basic list

How about these three combined :good:


Meet my SG or dream guide.

See or travel to the future.

Plot out or read a book I haven’t written or finished.

Meet my past self and communicate with same.

Meet my future self and communicate with same.

Experience my life had I made different choices.

Ask a DC to come back for me in a ND’s and make me lucid.

Have an OOBE.

Ah, very nice one :ok:

I would do sooo many things!
But I’d live the LD as if it was a RPG game, i mean, fighting monsters with ultra cool swords and ultra cool monsters…try to get to Opassa Beach(chrono cross) or arni village…
i would challenge anyone i see to fight me…so we could have an ultra battle in the air while we are flying…

I would do miiiiiiiillion of other things(but you have mentioned all of them xD)


Awesomeness, ARG :good:

Ok these are by far my fav things to do:


flying to the moon and then catching a comet back to earth

0 gravity

stopping time

asking my dream guide to be my subconcious and then asking it questions such as, is there anything you need to tell me? Can you help me in having more LD’s?

talking to DC’s about the weather

walk around the city naked screaming

i dunno how to have a lucid dream yet
but if i do manage to have 1 i would love to
see bob marley :cool:
or go flying :tongue:

Hmm…i would…

  1. Meet my spirit guide. ( a definate first!)

  2. Control a tripod from the modern remake of war of the worlds, then go on a killing spree

  3. Call Tom Cruise a jerk :lol:


  1. murder somebody in cold blood.

I wanna break Bob Sagat in half like a tooth-pick :good:

Agreed. :smile:

If any of you have seen those Sci Fi commercial-thingies–yeah, I wanna try some of that crazy stuff :lol:

I think it’d be cool to pop people like water balloons or levitate traffic outta my way…or fold up a truck…Sci-Fi stuff :content:

Sex, of course :peek:

Last time i tried it, it wasn’t as much fun as all get out. I like to fly, go on a big rampage, talk to my SG, and did I mention fly?

Last time, I would have made a gigantic travesty with guns, but by time I found one, I lost lucidity.

Interesting topic… what would I want to do in an LD…

-Fly about the place
-Eat a cactus without getting hurt
-Change into a girl and go on a date with a b… what? :shy:
-Run about a town shouting random insults and getting the police to chase me
-While flying around, see what a crash landing feels like
-Commit suicide and regenerate
-Press a button that instantly blows up the whole world
-To blast myself into orbit

I could think of more, but those are the ones that I can only think of at the moment. :smile:

-Act out (or have DCs play out) scenes from stories I’ve written
-Single-handedly infiltrate the White House and leave the president an insulting note
-Fly (naturally)
-Take Utada Hikaru to dinner
-Scream “MOTHER!” at the top of my lungs and attack random blond people with a sword
-See if I can find a manifestation of my fear somewhere
-Find Cthulhu in his house at Rl’yeh and poke him in the eye

Flying is still my big goal. I’ve floated and flown in NDs before, but I’ve yet to pull it off while lucid. I think I’ll finally do it tonight. :smile:

It used to be asking all kinds of questions to DC’s but from now on it will be participating the Ld4All quests!!! :cool_laugh:

EDIT: Maybe sealife quests also… :tongue: