The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVII

Thank you for the warm welcome.
As soon as my studies are finished(end of this month), perhaps this month, I may try the quest.

I never kept a dream journal, because i have done it all my life. Would be like recording an entire life and i didn’t know it was unique to do this. I thought it was something everyone did. LOL Now that I am an adult, I understand that it is much rarer that i knew…

I do remember many of my dreams still, many of them i have seen the future and what we can expect.

I will touch base on that in another board.

Blessings to all,
Doc J

hi everyone im new here, had my first lucid experience last night-i posted it in the big first LD thread… :smile:

Hey, I’m lillink (also known as Jeremiah). About a month or so ago, my friend had mentioned lucid dreaming in one of our conversations on our bus and it greatly interested me. However, during the school day I quickly forgot she mentioned it. Fortunately, I remembered about it yesterday and thought “Why not just go and search about it on Google?” Low and behold, I found this awesome site. I quickly got drawn into the world of lucid dreaming, and decided to start to try to improve my dream recall. I also decided to join the forums, because I thought maybe it would help to have the support of all you guys. So… I guess that’s it! :smile:

Hi all,

I’m HB and I’m 14 years old. I think I had my first LD like 10 months ago, but it could also be fake.
I found out about this site yesterday. I read a lot here and decided to begin a DD. I think I had another LD last night, but I’ll ask around for that. :smile:
I like dreaming, so I think I’ll love Lucid Dreaming. :wink:

Thanks for all the information!


Hi everybody. I just joined up on this forum, looks pretty good I must say. I have had a few lucid dreams and am working on having more.

I started doing reality checks only a couple of days ago, everytime I pass through a doorway, I ask the question and test the reality of the world. Hopefully if I continue this, i’ll have more success with LD’s.

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi. :smile:

Welcome to LD4all EMU,
Congatulations on your first Lucid Dream.
If you don’t know what to do in a lucid dream again you could check out The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic.

:welcome: lilink,
maybe you already sawthe BIG remembering dreams topic, but if you haven’t it might be a nice idea. Keeping a DJ will help you to increase your dream recall too.

:wave: Welcome HB,
I would love to see your DJ here. Have fun LDing.

Welcome Rob4000 :content:,
I must agree on the fact that the forum looks pretty good. :yes: I hope we will get to read some of your lucid dreams and you will gain a lot in it. Hopefully your RCing habit will show up in your dream soon and you will recognise you are dreaming.

:welcome: hello MooblySherlockGoobly, DocJ, EMU, lillink, HB and Rob4000 :grouphug:

:yes: MooblySherlockGoobly, if anyone starts flaming here they soon get :truit: by a moderator :content:

:wave: DocJ - I hope you make a post in our 30 years or older topic :peek:

:yay: congrats on your first LD EMU :thumbs: … if it wasn’t for those 2 DC women, it may have lasted longer :wink:

:yes: LD4all is a great community :smile: … good luck on your LD quest

HB … why did you suspect the LD could be fake? Vividness and control aren’t always present in first LDs :eh:

/me says hi back to Rob4000

:yay: congrats on your first LD EMU :thumbs: … if it wasn’t for those 2 DC women, it may have lasted longer :wink:

yea i think i definately got too enthusiastic and they distracted me from exploring!! next time, though.
i had a very breif lucid moment last night but i instantly awoke this time…bummer!

thanks for the warm welcome all!!!


I joined in this forum long ago. The same day i joined dreamviews too. I got addicted to DV.

Now after about 1 year, I am again here. Currently I am working as an engineer in a telecommunication company. My webaccess is filtered by surfcontrol. It dont allow DV. But this site is accessible. So Hi. I am a frequent lucid dreamer. 2-3 per week.

I have recently discovered the concept lucid dreaming and I found it very interesting and wanted to know more, so I started browsing the web and stumbled over this amazing site, it is soooo cool a whole internet community of lucid dreamers and lucid apprentices and all the knowledge here, the first hand experiences are very interesting but actually it was not all the information I could get from this site that has drawn me to it is the atmosphere of the forum, every one are so nice and you really feel comfortable posting here and sharing your dreams here and I think that is very important and that this is the only site that dose so. I myself have started a DJ in the hopes of mastering LDing some day…. just wanted to say peek my head out and say: :peek: Hey!

The best regards Rasmus

Welcome Buda!

You nailed it, this is a great place. The atmosphere is amazing, as is the knowledge and experience!

When you get a chance, put a link to your dream journal in your signature, it’s a great way to share your dreams. :smile:

:wave: welcome back korothism :grin:

:welcome: hello Buda
:yes: LD4all has an amazing atmosphere :content: and it’s so easy to make new friends here :happy:
/me goes to look for Buda’s DJ :look:

Hey there everybody! I’m a 16-year old who has been interested in lucid dreams on and off for years. (I’m joining at the end of an “off” of about a year!) Hopefully I will be more consistent this time, but I say that about every hobby I have… :tongue:

I have had a few LDs before, but not for a while. It’s also probably going to take a while to build up dream recall. (Stupid alarm always waking me up for school :grrr: ) But until then it’s always fun to read about everyone else. :content:

:wave: Mari0mega … once you get an high level LD again it will really help to motivate you into continuing :boogie:

Down with alarms!!

Hi I’m havi; I’m a 20 yr. old beginner… :wave: I’ve had a few lucid dreams over the years, but i really started to pay attention to them last spring. I took a Psychology course at my local college; :read: my professor taught about lucid dreaming under the topic of the unconcious mind. He taught about a man (sorry, cannot remember the name at this moment) that would stare at his hands 20 minutes before he went to bed every night. He didn’t have any distractions around him, just him and his hands. Eventually, he would begin to recognize his own hands in his dreams and begin to control them from there. A couple of days later, i had a lucid dream by recognizing my own hands. I wasn’t even practicing the routine, it just happened. Ever since then, i’ve been hooked! I’m very excited about that i found this website; i got my mom hooked too! :thumbs:

:wave: hello havi :smile:
so will your mum be joining too? :happy:

hello all, I’m new and not new here. I’m 15 right now but turn 16 in about 5 days. I Had actually come here quite alot a while ago, i forgot my username so i made this one, although i never did formally introduce myself last time. Basically, I’m starting my whole LD process over, I tried to LD for so long before and i think i had a partial LD once, never a real full LD yet, but I guess I’m getting there. So now im starting again, I’m actually going to make a topic asking some questions i have soon but i figured i’d come here first.

So… hey, nice to meet ya.

:wave: hello Rarg and welcome back :smile:
If you ever do remember your old username, could you send a private message to pasQuale so she can delete your old account (no posts will be lost when this happens :smile: )

… and Good Luck with the LDing this time :thumbs:
/me is confident you will get a great LD this time around :yes:

Woo Hello everyone ;D

Ive just come here after I found Dreamviews flew off and registered yesterday : ) Im pretty random for my age, And so i am very intrested in all sorts of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Religion and all the rest of it : >

Hopefully I can learn alot more about LDing here and have some intresting discussion :smile: xD

:wave: hello Misoshiru :grin:
you will probably love our Phil cloud forum. We use a usergroup for it, but all members are welcome to post there, just click the user group or pm Josh Redstone so you can be added to the group :smile: