The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVII

This is Part XXXVII of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.
Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content: Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: .

Hi, I am fourteen years old, and I’ve been lucid dreaming all my life, every night. Only a few months ago I found out that almost no body else is a lucid dreamer, and I learned that I can exploit this oddity. It sure is a lot of fun, now that I know that I am more powerful lucid. Before I’ve just never had a bad dream because I know it is a dream, but now I am empowered with knowledge of what this means, and what I can do.

This forum looked pretty cool, it looks active, and looks like something I would like to take part in.

Right now my goals are to increase the quality and quantity of lucid dreams, and most importantly, remember them. That is my main problem, considering how well off I am to begin with.

  • :wink: Mac

:wave: hello Mac, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I hope you decide to share some of your lucid adventures with us in our dream diary forum :smile:

Hi, i’m Roya and because i have only had 3 lucid dreams in my ENTIRE life,I am eager to know more about them and how to have them. i have been trying to have lucid dreams for 6 months now, but without success. i look forward from learning from you more experienced dreamers, all willing to teach me of course… :shy:

:wave: Hey Roya! Welcome :hugs:

Don’t worry if you haven’t had much Lucid Dreams before, just don’t give up hope and you will have much more. This forum can help you increase your lucidity by offering you help if you have any problems and motivitation by giving you ideas and suggestions on what to do when lucid. Best of all, you will get to meet some very nice friendly people :mrgreen: I hope you keep a Dream journal of all your dreams in the Dream Diary section , so that your Dream recall can increase.

Good luck on getting more lucids :smile:

Hi, all.

Remembering dreams, and having vivid dreams have never been a problem, i find that easy enough. But becoming aware that I’m actually dreaming, is something i have only manged once or twice - and for a few seconds before the whole dream broke down and i awoke. I would love to be able to explore this wonderful facet of human psychology and biology.

Now that I have spent some time looking at ld4all, and researching in several other places, i see so many opportunities in the past where a dream sould easily have been made lucid, so I’m confident that in time, this is possible for me.

Thanks for the great wealth of knowledge, and for the great sense of community i feel there is here. - Wish me luck!

:welcome: Mr_Garak. Good luck with the Hargarts induction technique. I think i will try it too.
:welcome: mac_davis. It’s cool, you can have lucid dreams so easily. I once tried to get my cousin (he’s a year younger than you) into it but he wasn’t keen.
:welcome: Roya. There’s lots of techniques and tips on the forums, for gaining lucidity so i’m sure you will have success soon. :ok:
:welcome: maestrix. I’m the same with remembering dreams. I wish Lucidity was as easy. I hope you will find ld4all useful.

Hey all…I’ve been browsing this site for a few days, so i think its time i introduced myself. :content:

A little backround on my my LD experiences- I’ve only ever had one or two lucid dreams, which is why im here :wink: I can have up to 2-4 FLD’s a month (fun, but still not as good as the LD’s), but im working on getting more LD’s. My last LD was like…maybe 9-10 months ago. I dreamt them, recorded them and then forgot all about them. But now im back. :grin:

Welcome Mac,
I also hope you will share some of you lucid stories in a DJ. You could try out the Lucid Quests too. This moon it’s connect to your kin.

Welcome Roya,
When I joined this forum I never had a Lucid Dream before. This forum can surely help you in getting them more. Good Luck :content:

Welcome maestrix :content:
It would be nice if you share your dreams in your DJ. In that way we can see your progess in getting Lucid Dreams.
Good Luck :wink:

Welcome MissEvil :ebil:
I hope you have a great time over here and won’t be too evil =P

:wave: hello Roya, maestrix and MissEvil :grin:
it will be fun reading how you improve over the coming months :yay: I look forward to reading your LD4all posts :content:

MissEvil. :grin: That nickname RULES. :cool:

Welcome to the forum! :woot: :ebil:


I’ve been through… actually, I’m being through some really, really rough times lately. So I thought I’d need something new. As lucid dreaming is something I’ve already read about and dealt with, I picked it as my new hobbie. In the past I left it aside because of a major and positive change in my life, now I retake it because of a major and negative one.

Anyway, I’m a girl from Estonia and that’s about all I’m revealing right now. I’ve had some lucid dreams, but never have I gained control over them. That’s something I wish to obtain.

Thanks for hearing. Hope I get a warm welcome… x)

:welcome: welcome to LD4all egobrain :hugs:
LD4all is great … you are totally free to reveal as much or as little as you wish about yourself and either way you are accepted fully :yay:
hope you enjoy your new hobby, don’t be surprised if being a member of LD4all changes your life :smile:

Egobrain :smile:

Welcome to the forum. :hugs: I hope we’ll be able to help you at least a bit to feel better. This is a very warm forum, and I’m sure you’ll make friends here, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the forum a lot.

Hi Egobrain! :welcome:

I hope LDing and this whole community here makes you forget your rough times a little and look up to the benefits of life. :smile: We’re all humans here, so feel free to post whatever you want. :hugs: :smile:

I’m Ian, am 15, and discoverd LDs by accident i had a series of LDs when i was 12. oddly enough i could control all of them each time. This new occurance to me lasted a week. 2 years Iater was talking to someone, and brought up my LDs. I then googled "concious dream"and found it was not a fluke. I can still rememember the specifics of those first LDs

ps… don’t you just love the username. haha

Hello my name is DMAN, im new here and to Lucid dreaming. I havent had one yet but im hoping i will get one soon.

:wave: welcome to LD4all i_had_a_wild_mild and B2ismygirl :grin:

:eh: please post them in the "My First LD Collection in the dream diary forum (it is a sticky topic near the top of the page :content: )
and :yes: your username does catch the eye :tongue:

I’m sure you will :smile: and even if your first LD takes a while to arrive it will be worth waiting for … LDs are an amazing experience :yay:

I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all and stay with us for years :smile:

Sorry, but I just have to do some OT here. Didn’t know where else to post this. It really needed saying.

I have been told that I’m a objective and frank person. When I spot something bad, I tell it, when I spot something good, then I tell it also. Unfortunately, there’s always more bad than there’s good. That’s exactly why it’s important to me that, when seeing something good, I always say it out loud. By doing that, people quite often are happier (who wouldn’t be), with their good mood they make their friends around them happier, who make the friends of friends happier and so on. I create a wave of positivity, and that’s a nice thing in this pretty gray world.

So, what I wanted to state is - you people are incredibly friendly. I haven’t yet visited a forum with this kind of friendly people. This really is something new. Back here, where I live, forums are full of angry people, who want to (virtually) stab everyone every way they can. I mean, you guys absolutely exude cheerfulness.
Oh well, I’m glad that happy people still exist. Couldn’t be a nicer way to study lucid dreaming than being surrounded by you. x)

Thanks, really.

:yay: egobrain
I just read your post in the how are you topic! You had your first LD last night! (link to dream post)
Congratulations :thumbs: I’m really pleased it happened so soon :smile:


moogle is the best example for the all-pervasive kindness! She stands out.

Lemme check out your dream. :peek: