The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVII

Hiho :content:

False awakenings is a good way to get lds.

Just do a RC every time you awake and bingo :wink:

:welcome: hello giospurs
FAs do seem to become more common when trying to LD :content:
Why are you cautious? Lucid dreams are the same as the dreams you usually get but you know you are dreaming so you can exercise your freewill and also exert some control :yay:

Hello :spinning:

I was recommended here by monsterfeets (thebestpersonever).

I tend to have very vivid dreams that usually involve adventures of some kind (rescueing someone, trying to overthrow an evil empire, trying to escape from somewhere, etc–I think from playing video games and reading fantasy novels :tongue: ) and sometimes magic. The magic has been one of the MOST vivid things and in waking I can remember every nuance of how it worked and felt but…it just doesn’t work when I’m awake :tongue:

It would be absolutely amazing to be lucid in the dreamscapes I usually end up in :spinning:

I remember my dreams 90% of the time. I don’t usually dream about things that happen in reality, but occasionally I do.

I’ve had one FLD.

I’ve had a number of dreams where I could float/fly…those are awesome.

I’ve been having a gasp-awake dream at least once a month. Is there a term for this? I’ve never had them until this year. It’s the kind of dream that happens in movies, it’s like surfacing in a pool when waking. The last one I had was with a torturously squished bug and when I woke up I was still in the mode of trying to get away from it (I hate dead things) and in the dream it had been on my right, when I woke up I was thinking it was on my right at the edge of the blanket so I started pushing the blanket off the bed…my partner merfed and tried to pull it back and even though I was starting to realize the bug wasn’t there, I still jerked the blanket back away from me.

I’ve also had a couple dreams (and I know there’s a term for this but I don’t remember it off the top of my head) where it’s like being awake…my surroundings are exactly the same as if I was awake (lying in bed). It’s the very beginning of the night, usually between waiting for my partner to go to the bathroom and come to bed. I don’t know if I can’t move because I didn’t try to move. But in the corner of the ceiling was a long-limbed creature (similar to one of monsterfeets’ drawings but blue) and it was moving across the line of the ceiling. Very, VERY real. I saw my partner walk into the room and the creature was gone, like a blink. I’ve seen a similar thing with blue hands too.

Once in the morning when I woke up I heard a phantom knocking. 3 times, pause, 3 times, pause, 3 times.

I have one recuring dream–that I’m running from something, I try to scream for help but no sound comes out or a very hoarse sound.

Dreaming is pretty exciting as it is :wink: but I’d like to get more involved in it.

Hello all,

I am Chris, I live about 45 minutes from Toronto, Canada. This site was recommended to me by my awesome hippy-from-British-Columbia friend, who may or may not be a member of this, I am not sure. It was crazy, because I was trying to lucid dream and I had this dream where I was talking to him on some online forum, and then it just so happens that the next day in real life he tells me about this. Are we meant to be ld4all? I hope so, and I hope this forum provides fertile breeding grounds for many interesting dreams to come.

Hey everyone,

Been cruising around the web trying to find out as much as lucid dreams as I can, so I’d figure I’d post here.

So far in my life I have become aware I was dreaming three times. I remember each of these time vividly to this day, despite the fact that the first two occured when I was in elementary school and the third in middle school.

The first one was really cool and involved flying, and I managed to hold on to it for a couple of minutes after becoming aware of what was happening, then it faded out and I woke up. In the other one I slowly became aware that I was dreaming over a period of time (I finally got it when I noticed one of my friends was a bell hop on a steamboat on the mississippi river. no kidding). At that point the dream literally came apart at the seams and then shattered. Wierd.

Recently I was having trouble with a problem, and I kept going over it in my head, and something in that must’ve done something, because I suddenly discovered that I was paralized, felt a pressure on my chest, and had this sense of impending doom accompianied by the most amazingly huge, loud noise you could ever imagine. I thought I was about to explode, and managed to snap myself out of it. I researched that, and figured kind of out what was going on (and I actually managed to get to that state a couple of times out of sometime of morbid curiosity I guess) but I haven’t been able to trigger a lucid dream yet.

So that’s about it. I’m looking forward to see what kind of help I can get with lucid dreams!

Hi Zellie, Chris (I loved your username) and JustThisGuy :wave:

Welcome to LD4all! :yay:

I know what you mean about magic. :yes: So you have a lot of adventure dreams, eh? You might want to start a virtual log in the Dream Journal section of the forum, so we can all read them! :smile:

You mean disembodied observer dreams? That last thing, of taking the dream to real life immediately upon waking up, there’s a topic on that in the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of board, although I don’t remember its name… :tongue: I wonder what causes this. Perhaps it’s some kind of hypnopompic hallucination (= a kind of hallucination some people have sometimes immediately after they woke up, like believing there’s a cat in your bed or like I did just yesterday, hearing shower sounds to realize a moment later that there was no such a sound).

:shock: I love these accounts, but they’re all so scary! What you’re talking about is called an Old Hag. I think there’s a nice discussion about Old Hags in the Beyond Dreaming board, if you’re interested in having a look. Some of the members have nice stories concerning them too, really nice to read.

There! Hypnopompia. That’s what I was talking about. :smile:

You say you live in Toronto? Hmm, the only two (male) members from Canada that come top of mind are Josh and Kevin; I’m 90% sure Kevin is Québécois, and I don’t know where’s Josh from. Are you possibly a friend of Josh’s? What an interesting coincidence (Jung would say: synchronicity)! I hope you enjoy the forum! :boogie:

Well, that’s a good start. Teenages are the best to practise this kind of stuff, because teenagers’ dreams are said to be more vivid and somewhat more apt to become lucid. But you can practise at any age, it’s not like it wears off or anything… (Well I hope so, since I’m getting older right now. :bored:) It’s good to know you’ve had LDs before, because this means you’ll probably learn how to induce them pretty quickly. :yay:

That’s all normal. It’s sleep paralysis + hypnagogia (the hallucinations one has when they’re falling asleep). You can read more about that in the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of and Beyond Dreaming, and I’m pretty sure there was a big, sticky topic in the Quest to Lucidity discussing how to get lucid off of this kind of situation (it isn’t that easy) and how not to panic because that’s actually normal (that, on the other hand, is very easy and SP gets pretty cool after you calm down and start to enjoy it).

Welcome everyone! :happy:

:welcome: hello Zelda, pretzelcoatl and JustThisGuy

:wave: Zelda, :smile: I remembered monsterfeets … but when I looked up her posts I was amazed that she had only made 12 posts :eh: So she must have made a big impression on me :content:

Like waking up with a shock? Or just weird breathing just before waking? Could it be due to occasional snoring blocking an airway?

:wave: pretzelcoatl

:eek: it must have been fate :yes:
if he is a member of a LD forum it would be this one or Dreamviews, our two forums seem to be the most popular :content:

:wave: JustThisGuy
since you have had 3 LDs in the past, you shouuld be able to experience them frequently once you have read up on all the techniques :smile:
you may like to start a LD4all dj to record your progress :yay:

Hey! My name is Jamie and my friend got me interested in lucid dreaming one day when I asked her how she knew so much about dreaming. I’m not too good at lucid dreaming, and I think its because of my ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s, but none of that bothers me because I’m just happy to be alive :smiley:

Anyway, she pointed me to the dreamviews forum and I registered. Sadly, hardly anybody was polite and every single one of my posts got flamed. I googled “lucid dreaming” and found this site as well. I figured I’d give it a try as it couldn’t possibly be any worse than dreamviews.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to post in fear of being flamed in this forum, as long as you are just as polite as the rest of the members here. :grin: By the way, I’d also like to comment on your username, (which I love), and your avatar. It’s just a cute avatar; it makes me think of my own rabbit every time I look at it. :wink:

Unfortunately, she’s in a cast at the moment.

Hello everyone, I was sent here from my UMS studies. I have been a lucid dreamer all my life, naturally. I am a mother of 5 children and I have a paranormal organization and a art and metaphysics academy.

I stay busy… but i thought i would give this a shot.

Doc J

Welcome to the forum DocJ,
Since you are a natural Lucid Dreamer you might want to join in the quests. Every moon pasQuale writes down a quest for the whole forum to try in Lucid Dreams.

I would love to see a Dream Diary from you, but I don’t know if you have time for it. It can be a great inspiration to read other people their (lucid) dreams as well.

:peek: I moved your topic into this big topic :content:

Welcome Jamie,
Good luck with Lucid Dreaming. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask it. There are a few sticky topic with the main techniques in quest. They can be very helpfull. Most people here are friendly, like Sonia (BlissfulBlues) said, so don’t worry about that.

Thank you for the warm welcome.
As soon as my studies are finished(end of this month), perhaps this month, I may try the quest.

I never kept a dream journal, because i have done it all my life. Would be like recording an entire life and i didn’t know it was unique to do this. I thought it was something everyone did. LOL Now that I am an adult, I understand that it is much rarer that i knew…

I do remember many of my dreams still, many of them i have seen the future and what we can expect.

I will touch base on that in another board.

Blessings to all,
Doc J

hi everyone im new here, had my first lucid experience last night-i posted it in the big first LD thread… :smile:

Hey, I’m lillink (also known as Jeremiah). About a month or so ago, my friend had mentioned lucid dreaming in one of our conversations on our bus and it greatly interested me. However, during the school day I quickly forgot she mentioned it. Fortunately, I remembered about it yesterday and thought “Why not just go and search about it on Google?” Low and behold, I found this awesome site. I quickly got drawn into the world of lucid dreaming, and decided to start to try to improve my dream recall. I also decided to join the forums, because I thought maybe it would help to have the support of all you guys. So… I guess that’s it! :smile:

Hi all,

I’m HB and I’m 14 years old. I think I had my first LD like 10 months ago, but it could also be fake.
I found out about this site yesterday. I read a lot here and decided to begin a DD. I think I had another LD last night, but I’ll ask around for that. :smile:
I like dreaming, so I think I’ll love Lucid Dreaming. :wink:

Thanks for all the information!


Hi everybody. I just joined up on this forum, looks pretty good I must say. I have had a few lucid dreams and am working on having more.

I started doing reality checks only a couple of days ago, everytime I pass through a doorway, I ask the question and test the reality of the world. Hopefully if I continue this, i’ll have more success with LD’s.

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hi. :smile:

Welcome to LD4all EMU,
Congatulations on your first Lucid Dream.
If you don’t know what to do in a lucid dream again you could check out The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic.

:welcome: lilink,
maybe you already sawthe BIG remembering dreams topic, but if you haven’t it might be a nice idea. Keeping a DJ will help you to increase your dream recall too.

:wave: Welcome HB,
I would love to see your DJ here. Have fun LDing.

Welcome Rob4000 :content:,
I must agree on the fact that the forum looks pretty good. :yes: I hope we will get to read some of your lucid dreams and you will gain a lot in it. Hopefully your RCing habit will show up in your dream soon and you will recognise you are dreaming.

:welcome: hello MooblySherlockGoobly, DocJ, EMU, lillink, HB and Rob4000 :grouphug:

:yes: MooblySherlockGoobly, if anyone starts flaming here they soon get :truit: by a moderator :content:

:wave: DocJ - I hope you make a post in our 30 years or older topic :peek:

:yay: congrats on your first LD EMU :thumbs: … if it wasn’t for those 2 DC women, it may have lasted longer :wink:

:yes: LD4all is a great community :smile: … good luck on your LD quest

HB … why did you suspect the LD could be fake? Vividness and control aren’t always present in first LDs :eh:

/me says hi back to Rob4000

:yay: congrats on your first LD EMU :thumbs: … if it wasn’t for those 2 DC women, it may have lasted longer :wink:

yea i think i definately got too enthusiastic and they distracted me from exploring!! next time, though.
i had a very breif lucid moment last night but i instantly awoke this time…bummer!

thanks for the warm welcome all!!!


I joined in this forum long ago. The same day i joined dreamviews too. I got addicted to DV.

Now after about 1 year, I am again here. Currently I am working as an engineer in a telecommunication company. My webaccess is filtered by surfcontrol. It dont allow DV. But this site is accessible. So Hi. I am a frequent lucid dreamer. 2-3 per week.