one post wonders, the mysterious ones

Has anyone noticed that spread out through forum there are poeple who come in mysteriously, join the forum, post just one post, usualy explaining how they lucid dream and what techniques they use…then they NEVER post EVER again-i have seen these strange anomolies before.

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heres the link to his post, … c&start=54

who are these people-are they like the lucid elete whom cant be bothered with our forum and just want to tell us a small snippit of info?
ive seen various others also…who are these strangers? what do they want?[/b]

Who knows. I never noticed it before.

Could be spies from coming over here to see why this is the best forum on lucid dreaming and steal our secrets. :sly:

But seriously don’t worry about it. I have no idea who they are and I doubt its anything to worry about.

He only joined yesterday, give him a chance. :smile:

On the topic, though, this certainly does happen from time to time. Sometimes one post, sometimes a dozen - but then it just stops. The user wanders away and entirely forgets about the forum.

yeah its not like they are a problem or anyhting-but having a look at the member list i see that the one post wonders are majorly outnumbered by the people that join up then neevr post ever, i worked out by looking at the amount of pages that had people that had never posted-the statistics
are shocking.
of all the 2782 members 1031 of them have never ever posted,
382 have posted once
215 have posted twice
144 three times

it gradually goes down form there, had a random look at one of the one post wonders and it was someone whom had posted a link to a site with there picture on it-prolly didnt want to be recognized or somthing. anway there it is…

sorry to Dream_Master_LD also

Prhaps they aught to be massed mailed, reminding them about ld4all. Should get more active members. If this isn’t possible, I would be happy to tery and post soem. But I’m not going to post 1031.

Every other forum I’ve been to experiences the same phenomenon. There are always a ton of zero-posters, one-posters and two-posters. In addition, there are lots of lurkers who don’t register at all. However, I think many of those become zero-posters because message boards these days have a “new posts” function that only works if you’re registered.

I think r3m0t sucked them all into wikibooks :hmmm:

  1. Who knows there are some people who just join to get e-mail addresses for spam.
  2. Some people may join and just get everything they want just by reading the posts.
  3. Maybe they joined and lost interest. :content: (though I don’t see how they could)

You know the Men In Black may have gotten to them. They aren’t just for the alien / UFO phenomenon you know. Some people just aren’t supposed to know about this stuff and have to have their memory of the forum and of their LD experience erased. My memory gets erased constantly by them but they always forget to delete the bookmarks in my browser.


Or maybe, they just don’t like us.


Or maybe they have more important things to occupy their time.



Lucid dreaming isn’t important?

Some might just not have the time to do anything then forgot about it.

How on Earth can you forget about LD4all?? :eh:

I think they’re all spies from the CIA, monitoring every action we take on the forum. The data they might use for some obscure project about mind or dream control :smile:

They’re all controlling our dreams! No wonder I’m not doing very well! :bored: :eek:

Crap there coming after me agianruns and hides

It is very likely that if the CIA could get into our dreams and monitor us, they would.

Definitely. Back in the old days of the Cold War they conducted lots of experiments with mind control, psychokinesis and telepathy over great distances (the projects MK-ULTRA, MOONSTRUCK, BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE for instance). They’re still working on an extremely dangerous project: HAARP.
However, the Russian KGB experimented on this even more, but there’s not much known about the results… I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually experimented on controlling dreams over long distances.

I doubt they succeeded, otherwise we’d probably hear something about it–I mean it’s not every day that a study proves the supernatural.

When I first joined the forum, I only posted ten times and then stopped for about six months. Started again in February and am now addicted! Thanks a lot, you guys!!! :tongue:


So you’ve become a forum junkie too. The internet was bad enough. Now I am completely hooked. No one in my house get’s to use the computer any more. Maybe its time to start a support group or something? :smile:

I say give these "strange anomolies " a chance :smile: