the BIG Fav thing to do in a LD - Part II

awww, you had surgery? :sad:

Mmm hope all is fine now and the surgery was succesful! :wink:

Yeh, I had spine surgery to correct scoliosis. I’m doing pretty good now, not really allowed to do anything really physical though :no: Heh, oh well, gives me more time to think about dreaming… :dream:

Hey I’m new to the forum but anyways, I’ve heard of people having 360 degree vision and stuff like that in meditations and OBEs. I’m pretty sure it’d be great fun to try it in an LD.

Hi FixingFlare! Welcome to the forum :happy:
Yes 360 degree vision seems to be fun thing to do. I haven’t tried it yet, though I once had a 300 degree vision (more or less). It was strange… and everything looked a bit distorted. But it felt great :smile:

Good luck with your LDing :happy:

I had spherical vision once, while being a blob of energy :cool:

Unfortunately, I can’t remember properly how it was. My favourite thing to do is to sing and make music. It sounds so much better without having to go through the ears first!

I just watched Waking Life, and I realized a lot of people on this forum probably already got that idea from this movie. But it was my idea, mine I tell ya!!! Just kidding…

I like Unicorns
i’m not gonna lie
I like flying, and I like talking to people

one thing I tried recently was pulling off my arm. While I was holding it
in front of me I coudln’t move it though :smile:

yeah, Dreamreacher. That list was really inspiring! Will just have to copy ‘n’ paste a lot inot my own list :smile:

My absolute favourite thing to do is to fly. fly straight up off into space. It scared the hell out of me the first few times but now I have explored many many many werid and twisted planets. I think the really crazy stuff comes out in space because I don’t actually know whats out there…I have visited some places and just fully blown my mind away as to where the images came from

Of course I LOVE to fly! I also enjoy exploring and meeting people. I’ve had some dream characters do some crazy stuff before.

One thing I have wanted to try is to inhabit the body of one of my dream characters. I tried it last time I was lucid, but just couldn’t make it!

Hey peoples, don’t think many of you know me, but whatever. I posted this on DV under a topic like this:
-Make all of the cars in NYC go backwards when people press the gas. It’s HILARIOUS! Also try switching gas and brake pedals. Y’know…mass chaos and such.

I want to drive a car at 400 km/h, drive to my school and smash into the co-ordinators building or staff room. Not because i hate teachers, just for fun hehe

LD is kinda similar to RL in this point: you desire to do one thing, but if the situation is different you compromise and go with a flow.

  1. I want to fly outer space to get rid of my fear of heights totally. What i get is flying over the heads of people in LD, because i find many other things interesting also to try out if i happen to get lucid.

  2. To meet my spirit guide. What i get is mostly random people i chat with and ask why they appear in my dream.

  3. To swim in pool that is deep enough to sink me so i could try out swimming in deep water. What i get is shallow pools in LD-s just to make some usual swimming.

  4. To fight with most dangerous monster in the world. What i get is a puny monster from some old pc game what i conquer easily by using some magic.

  5. To meet my dad, and other dead relatives. To speak with God, and with people i appreciate highly IRL. What is “bit” different outcomes in LD-s.

  6. To walk in the environment what my wife has pictured in one her painting. What i get is different environments in my LD-s. Maybe i just need to go to the corner… LOL

But still, i think that even our great goals will be fulfilled one day…after many attempts and after many LD-s that happen to be different from our initial intentions. No high quality LD is bad just because you didn’t do what you planned first. And you always have hope that after few, or many LD-s you finally get there where you wanted to go :grin:

My brother and I play Soul Calibur II quite a bit. The matches are usually very intense and close. I want fight him in a dream. I want to be Mitsurigi or Asteroth, and do all the crazy moves from the game.

I want to go back the blue place that I visited in my last LD. I only spoke to a DC and didn’t have a chance to explore last time.

I want to take one of my close friends and fly all the way into the clouds with her.

I don’t know if someone mentioned this before, but here’s a good way to test your mental flexibility: chop off body part with an axe. Start small, like a finger or so. Then chop off your hand, upper arm, feet, lower legs and upper legs. Ultimately you can slash your abdomen or chop your head off. This looks sick, but I’ve found it a great test to discover the level of mental flexibility and also to test how really lucid you are. Last time I did it I was medium lucid; I chopped off my hand, but I couldn’t do the same thing with my feet. It looked so terribly painful… But if you’re high lucid, this all shouldn’t be a problem… at least if your mind is flexible enough to overcome the very strong associations with waking life fear to see an axe chopping off body parts.

mystic, I would just like to add. Make sure you are really dreaming before doing that :eek: otherwise it might be very painful. And I will have to try that if I can remember to do it, I only hope that I don’t wake up from it. And mystic if you every get someone chasing you with an axe in a dream, it’s me because I woke up from you little experiment and I’m mad at you :tongue:

Lol usually I just know I’m dreaming, so I don’t need a RC. But now I think I might change that habit :tongue:
Haha would be great if you chased me with your axe. Then I’ll materialize mine so we can have a bloody axe fight until every body part possible is chopped off :tongue:

Ok then, it’s a date then mystic


Hehe I love that smiley. Would have been useful in the infamous smiley war :tongue:
Yeah I can’t wait to be chased by you :wink:

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