Self-discovering WILD

I’m new to this site and felt posting my experience with lucid dreaming and some questions.

I had my first WILD about a year ago. The little I new about lucid dreaming I learned from watching the movie Waking Life (Website: It’s a really cool movie about lucid dreaming where every frame is colored in with pastels to give it a semi-realistic/dream type look and feel. I highly reccomend everyone go see it.

Anyways, the first one (WILD) happened at night (9 PM) when I fell asleep after watching TV. I don’t remember any HI but I do remember my brain “vibrating” and me feeling like I was having a seisure. I opened my eyes at this point because I was scared. I closed my eyes and it happened again, this time I embraced it and had a lucid experience.

At this point I thought that I had discovered something new; I had no knowledge that WILD’s existed and only 1 or 2 lucid dreams in the past. I searched the internet for what I was experiencing and found a couple sites reffering this phenomena as WILD and I read up on that. They come fairly easy for me now, easiest when taking a nap in the late afternoon when I am tired.

I need some ideas on what to try when I am lucid. I can fly pretty readily… I feel it’s easiest when I push my hands in the opposite direction that I wish to go, like planting your hands in the air and pushing off. Also, I walked through a wall once which was pretty wierd. What are some cool things that you’ve done?[/url]

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your success with lucid dreaming.

You can check out thisthread for some ideas on what to do in your lucid dreams.

Remember the only limits to the things you can achieve while lucid are limits you place on your self.

Happy Dreaming