How do you increase the "REALNESS" of LD?

I’ve had 5 LD’s… But one thing I notice is… although my vision and hearing are very vivid in LD, tactile sensations don’t seem very real… any tips?

Hmm, you could try feeling something and focusing on the way it feels.

Here’s a great tip, and it’s really easy:
When you find your dream starting to fade away, start rubbing your hands and keep at it until you start to feel a very vivid sensation of heat and warmth. This will ensure maximum stability, until you find the dream starting to fade away again. It’s the best method for me, simply because it’s the easiest.

As LegendaryDreamer said, rubbing your hands has some fame as being the most effective method. Another one that’s well known is shouting something as “INCREASE DETAILS!” or “MORE LUCIDTY!” as loud as you can.

Please try them out and let us know what worked best for you! Good luck :smile:

Rubbing your hands isn’t necessarily the most effective technique, it’s the MOST USED one. We rub our hands in dreams because we want to feel something while we’re dreaming.You can also try touching something else, doesn’t matter.

Whenever I start loosing lucidity, I just think :’‘No, I want to stay in the dream!’’ and it works fine.

Remember that Dream Recall plays probably the biggest role. If your DR is not on top, you might not remember details such as tactile sensations or sounds. A lot of people find their dreams blurry for the same reason.

shout out lucidity X 1000. This is used if you feel that the dream is fading but can also make it more vivid. A couple of people mentioned improving dream recall, do that. But the biggest thing is to just keep trying. Lucid dreaming is a skill, and you will get better at it the more you do it.