how do you read ?

i know there are a lot of young people here

and i know that among these generations synasthesia, the seeing and sensing and merging of information into heightened awareness, is more and more normal

what i have tuned in on is something akin to a righteous attention deficit

i can look at a group of words, and know, through a feeling
a sensing
a direct energy transfer, but not as yet a seeing ( i would not be able to handle this awareness overload yet ! )

whether the words have value, meaning, truth, veracity, continuity and contiguity

it was very strong yesterday, when my mom had me read a passage,
sure enough, my mind in a state of clarity, i was amused, but found that I was absolutely forbidden to read the huge jumble of words that followed, i scanned them for a sense of meaning and there simply was not one

they were unnecessary.

strangely, although naturally as fractals go ,

the last paragraph said the same thing as the first , but in a different way.

what is your experience of reading text like ? have you begun to see between the lines ?

I read quite a lot.

My whole conception of reading changed completely lately.

I have run into Mental Photography, and I have started the process about two weeks ago. Really digging into it in the last 4-5 days. It blew my mind away.

This guy Richard Welch ‘invented’ this thing. You can listen to some interiews here. I highly recommend them, they’re absolutely fantastic.
To mentally photograph a book means to flip the pages across without looking or reading them and you simply absorb the information.
Now, he says, that this is a natural ability that we all used up to the age of 5, when we learned to read, which is the unnatural ability. When we learned to read, we stopped using this natural ability and the pathway into that part of our brain has been abandoned.
That is of course why children in those ages learn literally at the speed of light, and that’s why brain cells are producing intensively during that time. Until not long ago, scientists thought that when you reach the age of 5, our brain is fully developed and it’s all downhill from there. But, recently, many have become aware of the fact that brain cells can be produced at any age.
Quoting from one of the interviews:
“the limitations are just not there, literally”
“we have not only tested it up to as high as 600,000 words per minute with physically turning pages, we got on to a machine called a T-scope which flashes information on a screen, and we cramped it out to its maximum capacity at the time which was flashing at 40 mili seconds, and at that speed, with very very small print, almost indiscernible print to try to read, it was calculated out to be over 2 million words per minute and we still had 90% + comprehension across the board at any age graph that we dealt with. and we have people now that have used the process for many years. What we have found out about the brain so far is that we know nothing about the brain, the more we find out, the more we find out we don’t know, it’s like exploring space.”
“there is no limit, there just isn’t, we don’t know where it is if there is.”

Would it be impossible to reach the brain’s capacity? If you memorize every page of every text you read…would there come a point where you run out of “memory”?

As I (they) said, if there is a limit, it is unknown.

I personally, don’t believe in limits, not even mentioning physical text. That’s absurd.
Your mind is powerful beyond belief.
John Haglen said:
“On the surface level of thoughts, consciousness is very weak, it can barely move a spec of dust across the table, that is, without using your hands. But at the deepest levels, consciousness creates universes”

I highly recommend you to listen to the interview by Richard Welch and if you’re interested , PM me for many more interesting things on the subject.

hmmm can you teach this to us ?

$197 is a bit much, even though i am a mega millionaire money magnet :!

i learned a new way to read once it gave me tremendous joy ,

it sounds like the same thing.

not really

it requires lots of different kinds of exercises practiced daily for some time.

it’s quite complicated in the beginning.

But I assure you it’s nothing you’ve ever done before.

Just some general infos
you do the actual photographing with the book upside down reading from the right to left while looking away and defocusing until everything becomes blurry.
So that might give you a clue …

I highly recommend you to listen to the interviews

And we can maybe take this discussion into PMs