How do you remember to question the world around you?

Yeah, what is your secret? I just can’t get it into my mind to question the world around me.
Obviously, this is essential to have lucid dreams, so it would be great if people could share their technique.
Thanks! :smile:

I’m the same, When I doubt my reality in a dream, I automatically think, I’ll just wake my self up and see if it’s a dream.

Doh :neutral: not very succesful then =/

i use a “dream card”
I write on a small index card
and when i think, IRL, that its somewhat dreamlike then i take it out.
after a while if you use it enough you will see the card in your dream to remind you.

I find it hard to do RC when I see a DS IRL , that I have “targeted”.

For example, when I wake up, I tell myself: I will do a RC everytime I leave/enter my room. But I miss it most of the time. I realize I did not do the RC a couple minutes after i either entered/left the room.

Any tips on setting the mind correctly to remember to do RC?

Well. That is the 64 dollar question. We have it explained in all the techniques for DILDs but how do you really do it? The answer I think is still diligent practise and focused effort.
Mindfulness practise and doing RCs regularly will eventually pay off.

Hey! You’re from sweden, as I :content:
If you have msn we could share experiences :smile:

I do have MSN.

I think things become bit easier after you realize how convincing dreams are. Their reality quite often does not feel any different from waking life. Just imagine that you right now, as you are reading this, discover that you are in fact in a dream - that would be quite a surprise, right? It’s exactly as surprising in real dream. This realization will come with first lucid dreams you’re going to have and after that you will know that you cannot take for granted that you are awake.


I don’t have to remember… I suspect the reality almost every moment of every day…

Really, I don’t need RCs to question reality. It just doesn’t make sense. :tongue:

Write it on your hand, set an alarm on your watch or phone for every hour, or do one whenever a specific event occurs. Usually if all of those aren’t enough, then RCs just aren’t for you, heh. No point in wasting time to figure out how to remember to do a RC when you could be using the time to work on another technique.

The RC is meant to answer the question. You still need to be able to question reality. But you don’t have to do it all the time. Especially when you are beginning to. Let it happen naturally! When you think about realistic dreams you will almost automatically think that your current situation could be a dream. If you just have the intention to question reality from time to time it will become habit, unless you give up… Don’t think about if you are doing it enough, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t remember before. you do remember at that time.

Bendrummin is right, you just have to figure out how to remember to do RCs…

I’ve also been thinking about how remind myself to do RCs during the day, and while I was meditating on it I thought of something that might assist me. I’ve decided to write the letters “R C” on my left hand, between the wrist and the thumb/index finger junction. My reasoning being that while I’m going about my daily routine, whenever I notice the letters on my hand, I will do a RC. I decided to use my left hand since I’m right-handed, and it would be distracting to see it while I’m writing or whatnot…Still, I will have to wait a few days to test this since today isn’t ideal and tomorrow I have a date(and LDing is often an akward topic of conversation, lol). However, if this technique turns out to be viable, then I may have solved my RC problem…It also just occured to me, what if someone had it tatooed onto their hand?(Just thinking out loud)… :plotting: