how do you stay awake long enough to WILD?

Well, it used to take me an hour or so to fall asleep each night, no matter how tired i was. it was so annoying. but in the past year, ive completely switched. now i cant stay awake (for WILDing purposes) more than 5 minutes. even when i first lay down to sleep at night, i can barely count past 30 or 40 before falling asleep. and when i set my alarm to wake me up after a few hours of sleep, i fall asleep even faster. when i first tried to WILD, i would eventually just get tired of staying conscious and try to fall asleep, but now, i hardly get into the routine before i’m out. i hear a lot of people complain that it takes too long to stay awake for that long, but i have the opposite problem. anyone have some suggestions?

Also, i have read a few places that when you’ve been lying still for awhile waiting for your body to fall asleep, your body twitches on its own to check itself (or something like that). in other words, your body is on the verge of falling asleep, correct? that happens most nights to me so i guess thats a good sign.
i’ve had a bunch of regular DILD’s since i started lucid dreaming, but i am completely terrible at this WILD thing, and ive been trying it for awihle. thanks for any help.

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Your body sends a signal saying its “uncomfortable, please move” but its just testing to see whether your awake. If you move it assumes your awake, if you dont move a wave of comfort passes over your body.

First of all if you want to WILD make sure you WBTB. Meaning you set your alarm for say 6 am and try WILD then because when you go to sleep then you hit REM (dreaming period) straight away.

To stay awake alot of concentration is needed, somehow you have to let part of you fall asleep so you can actually get into a trance then WILD while another part of your mind is aware it must be awake. Dont get upset if you can’t do it straight away, keep trying your bound to get there :smile:


when you are in bed, try not to let your mind drift to more than one thought at a time… and also, try to look at the darkness in front of you. try to look at your eyelids, and that should help keep you awake. and try really hard to get in a very good position before you start sleeping, then dont move a muscule after that. keep them very relaxed.

First of all, don’t do WILD in the evening, but in the morning.

I personaly don’t stay awake longer than a few seconds to WILD. There are a few things in the above posts that i agree and disagree with:

Don’t focus on staying consious, this will keep you awake. As we all know, to enter a dream you have to be asleep first.

Don’t move around, just relax in a comfortable position. For WILD it doesn’t make much difference in what position you are, though i suggest you just lie down on your back.

Stare a bit into the distance with your eyes closed. Don’t focus too much on it, because it will keep you awake.

As last, you probably will end up in a dream which is exactly what you are trying to achieve. The only thing that you have to do now is to recognise it as a dream so you become lucid.

I too fall asleep very fast when I wake up in the morning. This happend almost no matter what I focus on because my mind drifts away and I fall asleep. The only times I seem to be more awake than usual is if I wake up directly from a dream but then I can WILD in a few seconds if I don’t move :cool: But if I just wake up as I usually do I fall asleep within a few minutes, if I manage to focus hard enough to write down my dreams when I wake up I might be able to not fall asleep that fast. But sometimes I just fall asleep and dream that I write down my dreams :tongue: or maybe I just fall asleep and even forget that I woke up :help:

Focusing on a sound seems to work somewhat well for me, but the past few days it’s not been working that well at all. My mind just drifts away :cry: guess I just have to try harder :content:

yea, last night i moved my wall clock closer to me so i could hear the ticking while i fell asleep. every other second i would say “i am dreaming”, but i didnt count. listening to the ticking helped me stay focused on something and kept me awake a little longer, but i still fell asleep in a hurry. i never experience any signs of WILDing before i fall asleep. if i’m falling asleep this fast (rarely more than 5 minutes) can i shortcut all the body numbness stuff at all? is it possible for the mind to fall asleep before the body? do i need to experience any of the sleep onset feelings?

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These signs of falling asleep, e.g. paralysis, numbness, sounds, etc, are not necessary for WILDing. I have WILDed a few times without expriencing any of those symptoms. However, when they happen, they are a good indication that you’re getting close.

so when you get this urge to move are you not far away from any experiences of falling alseep, such as waves of energy moving across your body?

Perhaps you can try to go to bed earlier so you are not as tired if doing WILD at bed time or, if doing WBTB get out of bed and stay up for a while. To be honest though, I do not think falling asleep too fast is your problem. Your problem is not retaining enough of your consciousness as you drift off. Falling asleep quickly could be a big plus if you figure out how to use it. Perhaps counting is not the best method for you to use. Try Focusing:

-On a visualization.
-On your breathing
-On HI
-You could also try to create a falling or spinning sensation and literally fall or spin into your dreams.

Also remember WILD is a little more than just falling asleep consciously. For best results (in my opinion) you need to learn how to induce a trance state. You can do this with progressive relaxation, meditation, or self hypnosis. You will notice that most of the WILD techniques are designed to help you induce a trance.

If you are doing well with DILD why not stick with that or try MILD. Both can allow you to lucid dream at will. Master what works for you.