How do you stay positive?

On your Quest for Lucidity how do you stay positive in the face of all adversity? lol

I keep reading how being positive is so important and that you shouldn’t send the ‘wrong’ messages to your SC. I am finding it tough!

How do you deal with the frustration when you wake up in the morning and realise that you didn’t have an LD (again!)… do you have something you tell yourself? How do stop yourself from getting too discouraged? :cry:

Don’t beat yourself up about it! Its frustrating when you trying everything that the books say, and you do everything right… and still you don’t recall any LD!

Don’t beat yourself up about it! Think about it like this, you are in the process of changing your conscious and subconscious psychology! Its happening.

There comes a point where you will just… let it be and accept, OK… it didn’t happen last night… but maybe tonight. And then you WILL have a LD and then you will understand the experience and that will be motivation enough from then on!

Good luck! :content:

Thanks for the advice Carnun. I have had some LDs and you’re right in thats what keeps me motivated. I just don’t want to be putting lots of negative ‘i’m not very good at this’ type stuff into my SC!

Another good way to try, would be to try and enjoy the experience. When you wake up, maybe you recall a cool dream, focus on that instead of the lack of lucid dreams. I don’t think negativity is something you can ‘blast away’ you have to dissolve it with positivity, to get metaphorical. If nothing else, it will help improve recall and such so that when you LD, you remember the experience clearly.

Thats a great suggestion, thanks Greendragon i think that will really help - i will make sure i try and focus on the positive! :smile:

Read about stuff you can do whilst Lucid. It works pretty well for me, and that way I don’t loose my interest in LDs, as I normally would do for any other thing.

pretty much this. :good:

i have a list of what i’m going to do in future lucid dreams. :write: just looking at it keeps me motivated :cheer:; i’m updating it whenever i think of something new :dream: that i’ve always wanted to do. :fly:

I’m with you there Aelyissía! I read loads about LDing too. Maybe i do need to write down my goals as Crooked suggested… at this rate i’m going to have a list as long as my arm and when i do next become lucid i won’t have a clue what to do first! :ack:

Then choose a couple of things you want to do; a few easy like running fast, eating random stuff and flying. When you get better, it’ll probably be easier to remember stuff.

yeah, i thought of that, too. :hmmm: you can just do the things on your list one at a time :look:, until you’re able to remember [in your LD] more things from your list :seer:.

a good thing to do first is to ask your subconscious/spirit guide[s]/a dream character to help you become lucid in future dreams. :handshake:


Otherd have covered what I was going to say, but I will still add my two cents worth.

Just let it happen naturally , keep your mind fresh on the ideas, but don’t let it consume you. I will go months and months without having a fully lucid moment, but I am content knowing that eventually it will come and it will be great. I know this may seem a bit hareder if you haven’t had one, but be confident that it will happen.

I’ve also found that with many things in life sometimes directing too much energy and thought towards something will create sort of an energy barrier that may hinder said goal from being fully realized at a certain time, especially if frustration occurs while waiting for the manifestation of your thoughts. A good thing to try is just not focusing as much for a little bit, and as prevoiusly stated, just go with the flow.

^^what rare said. about just letting it happen.

you could try LD induction techniques that don’t require thinking about it :uh:. like, FILD or autosuggestion. FILD is mostly letting yourself drift off, so you don’t have to concentrate too much. :dream:

autosuggestion, you only have to repeat to yourself until you feel like your subconscious got the message :good:, then you can just fall asleep normally. :yawn:

Yes, i can see that ‘going with the flow’ almost detaches you a bit from the process so that its not so much failing if you don’t have a lucid that night. It will happen when its supposed to. Quite Zen really when you think about it!

Having had LDs, and at first a really good streak - about 5 in 2 weeks - i find it frustrating that it sort of seemed easy at first and now it seems hard! :wallhit:

I agree with this, that’s how I look at it.

I enjoy the trip, pretty much. Reading about the subject of dreams is interesting, as is discussing it, and my recall of normal dreams is already much better than it was before, so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve already gained a lot.

The best way to view it I think is not to be impatient. I think some people try way too hard and it ends up frustrating them. It’ll happen eventually, even just probably from reading so much about it. My first (and only) lucid dream happened completely at random, when I wasn’t particularly trying or thinking about dreams, and it lasted but ten seconds or so.

But that’s a step.

try setting a date when you will have your next LD, then when that night finally gets here you will be very excited.

I tell myself i will have a LD on the next full moon. woot only two nights away!!

I understand frustration, it really sucks. :sad: I think it’s actually normal to get a bit frustrated. The problem is getting too frustrated… I think a little bit like "aw, I didn’t get lucid last night… but tomorrow I’ll get you, sneaky SC! :happy: " can maybe help keep motivation.

In my DJ here at ld4all at the end of each day I put a “Highlights” part where I just note some good things I had in my dreams, be it a LD or even a vivid ND or a FLD. :wink:

I was also going to say that taking a break from LD’ing for a few days can work too, but I sense you’re not up for that yet, Cariad! :tongue:

Just don’t get too worried about getting frustrated and all… :bored: and remember that not having a LD means only that: you did not have a LD. It does NOT mean you CAN’T have a LD! You’ve had them, so you know you can! Remember yourself this when you go to bed :content:

That’s a great suggestion Crooked :yes: I recently had dream that my soul helped me to become lucid in. Once I got close in term of awareness in my dream, they were able to push me over the edge with the help of some very blatant dream signs and a spark of something special. It’s great for motivation to have your soul and dream characters helping you to get you lucid :content:

I think this was pretty much said already, but if you don’t have a lucid dream one night, before getting out of bed, keep your eyes shut and imagine having a fun lucid dream for a few minutes. This way you still wake up with positive thoughts in mind, rather than waking up feeling discouraged.
This was suggested in the book Lucid Dreams in 30 Days.

I was also going to say that taking a break from LD’ing for a few days can work too, but I sense you’re not up for that yet, Cariad!


Haha! Mattias you know me so well already! :content: And i love the idea of getting a guide to help you become lucid in the future - which is an idea i should have remembered when i had an LD last night :hurray:

Ive been using some subliminal messaging software on my computer and a lucid dreams induction tape before bed so i guess something is working. Even with 2 glasses of wine last night! :smile:

:happy: well, I haven’t taken a single break in my almost 2 years of LD’ing! :shy: (But still have had some moments of up and down…)

I like Insede-out’s idea! Not only because of the reason he put, which is great in itself, but you might easily get into a LD and not even notice it! So I’d suggest you do many RC’s while imagining it :content: I’ll remember to try it next time.