How do you stop yourself wetting the bed when you have a FA?

I have had been having a cluster of FA recently in my LD endeavours. Unfortunately twice this last month I have had a FA, not realised it was a FA, gone to the toilet and then woke up because I wet the bed. One of these occasions was at my girlfriend’s parents’ house which was embarrassing and difficult to explain. Is there anything I can do to stop myself having FAs and instead have normal DILD?

This actually happened to me once when I was young, I was sure I had used the toilet so I was clueless to how I had ended up wetting the bed. Maybe it’s because you dream that you are using the bathroom that you end up wetting the bed? Try doing a reality check whenever you wake up. If it’s an FA and you do a RC you should become lucid and be able to change the dream or wake yourself up to really use the bathroom.

Maybe you should take a leak in the evening or set an alarm to 3 o’clock and then go to the loo. You can never rely on RC-s so it is better to ensure that you don’t have any fluids inside you that can exit in an untimely manner.

Reality check before you pee.

EDIT: Am I a bad person if I laughed? :c

Don’t drink before going to bed, that’s what my parents always said to me when i was younger…

PS: I’m a bad person too, actually I can’t stop laughing

Like Kache said, RC before going to the bathroom. Religiously. Besides that and not drinking, there’s not much you can do.

Don’t drink any liquids for 1 hour before bed, and try to do a RC every single time you wake up :smile: helps alot.

That really sucks that happens to you, your story did make me lol though :smile:
As the others said I think you just need to get into the habit of rc’ing before the bathroom.

Just do a reality check before you take a piss, and it should be okay.

This happened to me a lot as a kid, and then all of a sudden, it’s started happening again except that I don’t actually wet the bed. I’ll wake up in a panic because I think I did though, and I’m worried that someday I will. I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a reality check before I go to the washroom in RL.