How do your LD's end?


I’ve just got a quick question for everyone, especially the experienced lucid dreamers; basically I was wondering how your lucid dreams end.

The reason I ask this is because usually my LD’s end because I get caught up in the dream and forget that I’m dreaming. Recently I had a lucid dream where that started to happen, but in the end the dream faded to black. In the dream I figured that my REM phase was ending and that there was no more “dream-time”.

So I was wondering how most people’s LD’s end, and what happens if you are LD’ing at the end of a “dream period”? Do the dreams end or does the period extend?


hmm i usualy wake up or get a FA (in which i get lucid again).

Sometimes i forget about the ld, but that doesn’t happen too often. Only when i’m too distracted or concentrating on doing one thing.

interesting question!

hmmm… mine mostly end when i wake up.

but now i think about it, yes, it also happens i have a FA and then go write down my LD in order to remember it better. So in a way i’m still lucid because i know i’m not really awake, i’m just making my notes inside the dream in order not to forget the previous dream. :grin:

Other times i forget i’m lucid and go with the flow but this doesn’t happen too often, and mostly in those cases i was at low lucidity to start with. When i’m highly lucid it usually last the rest of the dream until i wake up.

Ive had three that ended because I wanted them to end out of fear, and that really ticks me off when I wake up lol. I dont think to straight in my lds sometimes I guess. hehe.

also, when ive done it with some chick, and then one time I madeout with some chick and RIGHT when I started the sexual activity, the dream decreased in vividness and eventually died.

And, sometimes it just fades, changes, or I wake up, mabyie even sometimes I forget im dreaming.

hmmmm. My dreams ussaly end at the end of a REM period. or at least that is what i think. They can end too if i get angry. i end up blowing my dream apart. ussaly they fade to blackness, then i loose hearing smeel tough etc. then i awake. Black void, i think a lot of people have had this.

Every one of my dreams so far have ended as a direct result of my almost desperate want to stay in there (it’s like a catch 22 thing - to want it too much causes it to slip away). I wake up after it fades to black.

lol, maybe you should not want to be in teh drema and see ifu can stay in it that way :razz:

WILDs so far just fade or becomes pure imagination when I don’t increase lucidity every 2 seconds or unfocus
deeper LDs I lose lucidity and continue with the dream until REM is up

One way they end is if I lose lucidity.
Another way is if the dream appears to end, and I lost lucidity while “in between” dreams.
Another way is to immediately wake up from the dream.

i just had of of my rare LDs this afternoon. :cool_laugh: As would be expected from a novice- i was too excited about determining that this was a Lucid Dream, and sure enough it faded shortly thereafter. I lost my sight first, that rapidly deteriorated. I tried to spin, but to no avail. My sense of balance and touch was the last to go.

It was a damn shame. :cry:

Low lucidity ones usually just continue in a ND for me.
If they are a little higher lucidity I usually wake up. When I wake up I can wake up fast or I can fade out into WL.

Most times they fade into black and I wake up. At least one time the dream faded into an ND.

My senses turn less vivid, vision gets more blurry, colors fade and vision becomes more and more transparent until it has completely faded… Tactile sensations is what disappears last. This process usually take no more than half a minute.

I don’t recall ever losing lucidity in a dream without also waking up. I tend to struggle quite vicously if I detect my control over the dream weakening - so much so that I usually force myself awake in my attempts to regain clarity and control.

Recently I’ve been working on enhancing lucidity without waking myself up in the process, but there’s little you can do when a particular REM period is coming to an end.

Hmm intersting thanks for the replies guys. I guess one can continue a dream until the end of an REM period, and at that time the dream ends.


I either wake up, or forget I’m lucid dreaming. Usually I spin to stop my self from waking up.

well maybe it ends or maybe it doesnt, i think this nonrem dreaming thing is gonna pick up big soon.

and anyway we should always give answers 2 ppl with such good avs :razz:

lately i’ll feel the dream end but it’s like “that’s okay” then I wake up… and I’m like “man… maybe I should have tried to stay in”

I don’t know… I’ve LDed a lot obviously so I mean, sometimes I’m just accepting if a dream is ending, even if it’s cool… sometimes I fight it…

Lately it REALLY sneaks up on me to where I only have a half second before I wake up… so…

I don’t know.

I have had many NREM dreams, which involve me sleeping or being inactive, I’ve only had a few lucid ones though…

Often times they are part of epically long dreams… do something, go to “bed” in the dream… (usually i don’t sleep, I watch a movie or just lie there or play a video game or talk to someone) then I get up… and do more stuff…

usually NREM acts as a storage buffer between dreams, the dream theme doesn’t usually change much… I’ll just spontaneously find myself sleeping somewhere and usually there will be people there

sometimes this leads to the damn rape thing which really pisses me off, especially when family members do it.

Maybe I should kill them? I mean… I’ve tried being reasonable with the “demons” and it was all good, but maybe killing my family in dream would be good for me if they dont’ cut it out… it’d send a message to them!!

And then I can be reasonable with them afterward, perhaps… hmm…

I don’t know.