How does Dream Journaling increase Recall?

I know it does, but I’m curious on how it does. :hmmm:

Mind tells subconscious that it needs to remember the dreams so you can write them down when you wake up, something like that i think.

Oh, I see :eh:

Lol. :rofl: (Why is this funny :confused: )

SC can be funny and childish^^

well imknow my SC is :tongue:

I think it has to do with the fact that you’re training your mind to actually think about and remember your dreams. So like anything, it becomes easier and you improve overtime. You become accustomed to remembering them.

I think the writing down itself helps too. Like some kind of feedback thing. I noticed the more details I write down the more details I start remembering! If I only remember the details without actually writing them down I don’t sense I start remembering more of them the next nights…

maybe it’s just me? :eh:

Yeah. I believe it’s the SC that makes you remember stuff. And by looking through your DJ every now and then, makes you remember some important/cool detail or Dream sign.

From my experience, it makes me more aware of it, so I’m more likely to remember. I guess it’s like playing the piano using sheet music, the more and more you look at it; the better you’ll be at playing it… simply because you’re looking at the sheet music? :confused: I don’t think I explained that very well :rofl:

Hmm, when I write in my DJ I can get new pieces of dreams I dreamed and being able to read my old dreams motivates me to get new dreams :tongue: and in that way its easier (and funnier) to remember more dreams :woo:

Anything you practise and do it repetitively, goes straight into your brain and it remembers it the next time your going to do it.

So definetely if you keep writing your dreams down on your DJ overtime, your mind will automatically get used to doing it. :happy: