How does it feel to be lucid?


Title: Lucid Living Induced Lucid Dreams

Will the technique of Lucid Living consistently aid individuals in their quest to have Lucid Dreams?


Participants in this experiment will be asked to re-create the mental/emotional conditions that they experienced in a Lucid Dream during their everyday living. [/color]

[color=green]This is an experiment I signed up for, and besides me two (or more?) others. To find out more:[/color]

[color=green]In accordence with this experiment I’ts imortant to know how being lucid feels for you.[/color]

[color=green]I would like to invite everyone to give a description of what lucidity means for you. I’ll make a start right now.[/color]

Being lucid:
It feels indescribably exciting, for I realise that I can do anything I want, everything is possible, but not depending on coincidence like in normal dreams. Most of the times I get lucid when I dream of things that are impossible or very rare in real life, like flying or watching stars and planets from nearby. I feel very free, my lungs feel very big! It’s very hard to describe my state of mind…it’s almost like being on some kind of drug. As if I’m in another strange world, which I cannot put into words… It’s also a bit frustrating, because I always find it very hard to keep lucid and I have the feeling I have to try very hard to keep that state of mind. It’s like being in some kind of soap bubble which I have to keep in the air, otherwise it breaks. A constant fight against gravity…

I hope I will be able to update my description soon…

just trying to get a litlle attention here, for the new living lucids in the house :content: …how does it go so far, by the way?

For me lucidity = freedom. The freedom anything I please in my dreams. Total control, no restraints as we have in the physical world. Some of the things I really enjoying doing are flying and shape-shifting. Or just enjoying the vibrancy of the LD state…my LDs always feel “larger than life”.

Good subject White Squirrel…and cool name as well!

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Lexa, thank you for posting your description!


When I think about what lucidity is like I think about my mental mechanics. I noticed that my “normal” mental dialogue has gotten very quiet. I just can’t be worried about work, wondering if I have any gas in the car, and remain lucid. So much of the thought process that I experience normally is gone. I can still think about having gas in the car, but it is a very brief thought not something that I fixate on. In that regard it is very much like being in an altered state of consciousness.

The other thing I noticed is what I am doing with my attention. The vast majority of it is on my environment; I’m looking around, seeing what I can see. But there is a small part of my awareness that is self-aware. I seem to constantly have in the background the idea that it is “me” who is looking around.

And, of course, maintaining lucidity is this delicate balancing act of keeping attention on the surroundings and myself without becoming lost in either my own thoughts or becoming to engrossed in the environment. It’s just as easy to get caught up in looking at a tree and loose lucidity as it is to worry about something and loose lucidity.

This is a very clear and very recognisable description of being lucid. When I read it, I think I have not been doing that bad the last two days.

I did not find it easy to be lucid all day long, for I did not know exactly how to do that. I try to keep my environment in mind, and have a constant feeling of wondering. I keep in mind that everything could be a surprise, I could be expecting anything and I could be doing anything. My whole world seems to get another perspective that way.

But I can only succeed in doing that if I’m alone and not doing work that requires much focus and concentration. How do I keep that state of mind while having a conversation? Or when I’m writing my report? Is this a matter of time and practice? How can I be concentrated on something and still be lucid? How long did it take you to accomplish that? Are you always in this state of consciousness now? Do you always have lucid dreams now, or do you have normal dreams as well?

Many questions, I hope you have some answers for me. Anyway, thank you for your description of what lucidity means to you, and I’ll keep you informed about my “lucid life”

Lucidity for me is like waking life. Usually from DILD is my most common enterance. I usually find myself lying down somewhere like in a field then I get up. If I don’t try to notice a detail, I don’t. For example, if I try to see what the sky looks like, I see some form of weather, or just a clear sky. If I don’t, it’s black, but the moment I look and think “why is it black?”, it changes. It feels like a virtual reality.

You’re welcome White Squirrel :content:

Yes drumsticks77 I also find LDs to be like virtual reality. I have often thought that.

I find it hard to practice “lucid living” for very long at a time…I tend to drift in and out of it. It is a blast though!

BTW so far, i am having a bit of trouble with the lucid living thing, im just not that good at keeping it going for me, i always forget about it and i havent had a LD in like three weeks

You’re not the only one. I find it very hard too. At some moments I succeed pretty well, but only those moments when I’m alone and I’m actually doing nothing. I cant seem to be having a converstation, doing my work or watch television and have the feeling of being lucid. I also haven’t had a lucid dream yet.

Hey there. I’m pretty new at this, though i found when i read LD4all that i have had these types of expiriences before, in everything apart from the Lucid Dream itself - i have had mild situations where i stop and think “Am i dreaming?” but the dream carries on without me being able to do a thing, and it’s like a memory when i wake up.

Is Lucid dreaming like a memory when you wake up or does it actually feel like your there, walking, talking and feeling consious as you would in daily life, or is it like you are maybe watching yourself, for lack of a better term? Becaise my dreams so far have been one long watching myself that one step away.

To me–whenever I do become lucid, it’s a sort of semi-lucidity. It feels just like any normal dream, but I’m consciously aware while in the dream and not after. :wink:

My first time, though it was amazing! :happy: I was like, “Whoa! What’s going on? I’m still dreaming!”

I think the first-time LDs and the higher-level LDs are the best ones, though. :content:

when im lucid dreaming it feels like theres an ocean around me thats made up of dream and its not a resistance or anything its just like knowing theres air there exept its like knowing theres dream there it feels good. lol

Well when I lucid, I would be able to control my movements, thoughts, emotions, and everything as in real life. In addition to this you would have powers you can never do IRL, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, conjuring, flying, etc. etc. Ever watched The Matrix? It feels nearly the same, a world you are consciously living in while having super powers. This is how an LD feels like, at least this is what I experience.