How does Lucid Dreaming feel?

The only reason I’m not taking off about LD’ing is I’m not sure whether it will feel like my ND’s. My normal ND’s have a foggy thing, and I can’t remember actually DOING it. I just remember it happening. Is that how a Lucid Dream feels? Is it foggy afterwards, and you just remember the fact that it happened, you don’t remember the actual doing part?

For me , normally people forget NDs , but LDs makes a place so you don’t forget it easily.I still remember LD that I saw three weeks ago clearly.It’s like WL if it’s vivid enough.For example I was near a road in one LD and a car passed next to me.I watched it.It was like RL , but only difference that I knew I was dreaming it felt like having a second life.

A LD is very exciting because , you see a world you’ve never been aware before.It changes your perspective for both RL and dreams.You became more aware of your environment.I don’t know it’s valid for most people but for me it made my reflexes good , more aware in RL.

Long story short , it feels fantastic.Try it to see very soon.Because you will never forget this experience.Good luck !