How does your WILD work?

Hi, I had my first longer-than-two-seconds-LD last night, and it was with WILD. I’m all excited now, so I want to ask you, how does your WILD work? Mine is quite different from how all the guides explain it. I go into this state where dreams come to me as plates from the darkness. I see very little HI. The dream plates are very fragile; if I move some part of my body, they usually disappear. I can get a new one very easily though, I just cross my eyes and a new plate arrives :smile:. Entering this magic state takes ages, I was awake for two hours last night.

I was dreaming very lightly in my LD. I woke from it because i blinked my eye. When my eyes closed, I was in the dream. When they opened, I was in my room looking at the ceiling. Have you had the same problem in your dreams? How could I fix it? Thank you and have a GREAT day :content:

For my WILDs I usually feel a tingling sensation and then my dream comes into view in two different ways. One is either like a picture that all of a sudden slides into the darkness and the scene start to come to life. The other one is where I see these images suddenly appear , usually a person’s face that goes from negative, to black and white and then full color vividness. My first WILD was quite strange since I found myself waking up constantly, yet I was able to get back to the dream until I finally lost that dream and went into another in which I wasn’t lucid. So usually what I started to do is when I successfully perform a WILD I just wait for about a couple of minutes for the dream to set in or for my body to fall a bit deeper into the sleep and then take full action to control the dream.