How easy is it to

Mutual Dream?
Stop real time?

Most of all the OBE’s. LIke, if I wanna do one right now, how?

It’s a lot harder than that. I have no idea about how to do such things, but you must be able to LD first. At least, I think.

It’d be wonderful if we could attain those things within days of practice… but it’s rather unlikely. Like many skills and abilities (speaking another language, art, music) there’s still the element of talent involved. If you’re somewhat talented it may go easier, but it’s still and never going to be a walk in the park. Practice practice. Read up on techniques and more.

As for quick OBE techniques, try looking around here:

I spotted a link to this site somewhere else on this forum…

I like both your avatars by the way :grin:

Another excellent site with lots of articles about OBE development:
Especially, check the “rope-technique”. Many people say they got their first OBE while trying this technique for only 10 minutes. Not in my case ofcourse: I’m trying this for 2 months now and I still haven’t experienced a decent wake-induced OBE. Perhaps you’ll have more luck :smile:

thanks infection zero. and mystic. :slight_smile:

and the other dude whose name I forgot. :slight_smile:

OBE - it is possible you could read over the info and do it tonight first try, some people would take months or even years to get one. It’s a matter of belief and trust in your self and your own ability i think. You don’t have to be able to LD but it helps.

Mutual Dreaming - again for some people this is easy for others hard, i’ve had one completely by accident but never planned.

Stop Real Time - no idea what you mean.

As to the last one…im not suggesting anything but for me it only works when im either heavily drunk or just happens then without much effort:)
Question is…how to make the time run again?:slight_smile: