How effective is it to practice one of your senses per day?

I was thinking of practicing Lucid Living in a way where I basically focus on one sense per day - for example, on Monday I will try to notice as much as possible with my eyes, then on Tuesday I will listen as much as possible to all the sounds I hear, on Wednesday I will focus on how things feel (possibly both physical and emotional feelings), and so on - and I guess you could use Saturday and Sunday as a major repetition where you use all senses at the same time, I don’t know.
But anyway, do you believe in this idea?
Or is it better to pay equal attention to all senses everyday?

My theory is of course that this schedule should give you a chance to really boost up your senses.

It will definitely have no negative effect, quite the opposite, the main question is if it is as effective as paying overall attention to all senses…
I guess focusing on everything on saturday and sunday might be a good idea.
I can’t say I have experience in Lucid Living though, so don’t take me for some LL master :content:

P.S. i see you changed your title :grin: (yes, the main motivation to answear your post was to say this…)

The best thing I can really say about this is what noobdreamer said, it can’t have a negative effect. I suppose (in theory) that if one sense is trained a lot per day then it will eventually give them all more awareness, or at least make you more aware of them in dreams that night. Either way, there’s really only one way to find out.