How good should my dream recall be before I can have an LD

How good should my dream recall be before I can have an LD? Also I’m just curious as of how good dream recall can get. Does anyone have a journal entry I can see of a dream they can remember really well. I just want to see how much you could actually get.

I manage to have lucid dreams with bad recall. WBTB is the best technique :smile:

If you want to see what people remember from their dreams, look through some dream journals in here. I’m sure you’ll read some interesting stuff.

Personally, what and exactly how much I recall from my dreams tends to vary quite a bit. Although knowing certain dreamsigns can trigger a LD, it most certainly is not the only determining factor. Enjoy your dreams, regardless if you are lucid or not. :smile:

I started to practice LD’s when I could remember at least 1, but 1 good dream peer night, at least one page in DJ!

But still, after remembering one dream peer night it took me some time to achieve LD, and then I had a gap between first and second LD…

I agree at least one good dream per night… However I would continue to do RCs too just incase that one dream is a lucid one :smile:

I had my first LD without trying at all. I knew about it but nothing more, then it was so awesome I made an DJ and now I’m practicing my recall. :smile:

I had my first LD when I was able to recall 2 or 3 dreams most nights. By keeping a dream journal by my bed I was quickly able to improve my dream recall. You may want to try this if you are not currently keeping a DJ