how hard is dream controll?

realy how hard can it be to controll it by doing whatever u can think of
and has anyone ever tried flying DBZ style just focuzing your bodies energy i used to studdy ki/chi telak. and useing the bidies energy outside the body (all in RL) b4 i ever heard about lucid dreaming it seems mental focus is all u need to controll anything…but im just starting to work on my dream recall and such so i dont realy know

It isn´t so hard.Some control over your thoughts can be helpful, otherwise wishes can come true before you have time to think about them :wink:
But really, you just have to expect things to happen.If you want to fly simply jump up and expect to fly, and so you will.


One way I describe taking control of a dream is “daydreaming within the dream”. You momentarily take your focus off what you see and hear in the dream, and imagine what you’d like to see or hear. Once it starts to take shape in your dream, you return your focus to the dream and try to stabilize it. It gets much easier with various skills through practice. Eventually, you don’t even daydream it at all–you just speak and it happens.

It is realy easy for me. If you believe then you can do anything in LDs. I dunno if this is true or not but its good to be creative because you have more of a self assurance and your own way of doing things.