How I came into Lucid dreaming

So I remember that one of my classmates told me about it and I literally ignored it, I was practicing the silva method of meditation and I somehow encountered a LD topic and I just got so fascinated that I started doing LD techniques. My first ever technique was FILD and I very badly failed in it, then I tried a new one then a new one then a new one and so it started.
I was already good at dream recalls 'cause I remembered every day atleast one dream when I was in 9th grade so I’m pretty good at remembering dreams or you can say advanced(atleast that’s how I feel). I started LDing in 11th grade, but then I started loosing my motivation slowly 'cause in lockdown everything just kind of ruined. Then my best friend went away to study somewhere else(that’s exactly what happened to me with my previous bestfriend). Though I’m still in contact we don’t get much time to talk…(oh…sorry I just went with the flow). From the last two months I’ve taken it seriously because I can’t find anything that I can enjoy with my friends because I don’t have friends (both of those bastards are just far away for me to reach).

I was already into the stuff like meditation and consciousness but the few months before September were like hell, I was too lazy to do anything. I read books and I can do that for all day(fictional books) but I want something that I can enjoy and talk of with my only friend left who always is into his smartphone, because obviously if you go talk to your friend about something like “Aelin” from ‘THE THRONE OF GLASS’ he will be like “Can’t you talk in English!”. Well, sorry again for that part.:sweat_smile:

So in September I became serious about it and started doing everything I can to induce LDs like I literally complete atleast 2 books on LDing every week so by 2 months I’ve read around 20-25 books but I haven’t got a single lucid dream.


  1. Dream journal: well everyone talks about it and in literally everybook on LD it is one of the fixed topic that you have to do to increase your dream recall. I’m already pretty good at it but I want more vividness so I also do it.
    I actually remember atleast 2-3 dreams in 4 nights a week but I only write the last one 'cause it’ll consume atleast 1 hour to write all my dreams and because I wake up at 4 AM I don’t get that much time(AND NO I AM NOT MAKING IT ,YES I ACUALLY WAKE UP AT 4 AM, it started as just a 15 minute at 6 but well, things becomes complex slowly).

  2. Reality Checks: Well, I used to do it passively and not a lot but now I take atleast 2 minutes to do it properly. Like 1st I’ll do as breath test, then a hand check, the I’ll try to remember what was I doing before. I understood it the Hardway but yeah QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT QUANTITY. I also have a card on which ‘This is a Dream’ is written and I carry it everywhere.

  3. The Techniques: What I do is I sleep at around 8 to 9 PM and I had the problem of insomnia but by some breathing techniques and meditation I overcame it. When I sleep I only focus on my breath and imagine everything I inhale a golden healing air enters my body and on my exhale the stress is released. I don’t need an alarm for waking up at 2 or 3 AM 'cause after every dream phase I wake up automatically. When I do wake up I do a technique (I can’t remember the name right now sorry for that) in which I focus on my 3rd eye at the center of my forehead and imagine a light passing through it (it’ll take time to master it) and try to fall asleep by staying focused on it to enter the dream consciously.

When I started doing it seriously the hardest part was forgetting my imaginary world. Well, tou know exactly what I’m talking about. Around 90% of the people of the whole world starts to imagine what type of world they want to be in. Like when you listen to a song most of you starts to imagine things like if you’re watching a YouTube video of a singer singing in front of thousands of people and they are all cheering so you’ll start to imagine how good it would have been if you were in his/her place and all the people were cheering for you. And that is what unconsciousness means. So most of the people have their own world that they go into when they are sleeping and unconsciously imagine things because that’s what your EGO wants you to do. So what I learnt is that your conscious or unconscious brain only follows your orders and you follow your egos order. So it was hard for me to get out of that world when going to sleep and stay out of it when waking up, but it just took 2 weeks to become natural in staying conscious always. It’s your choice if you want to be trapped in it or come out of it.

4.DAY Time Practises: In everybook I’ve read on LDing or Dream Yoga there’s always this thing that " if you’re not conscious of the things happening around you how can you expect to be conscious in the dreams ". And so I have to follow the rules of this universe. When I wake up at 4 I just do a meditation in which I just focus on how many years more I have of my life, basically my mortality. I do it while staying on my bed (sometimes I fall asleep and wake up in 15 or 20 minustes😜). And after that when I’m doing my day’s stuff I, well, obviously do RCs and practise forced consciousness. There are many ways by which you can increase your consciousness, and because I fall asleep while focusing on my breath, I stay conscious all day by focusing on my breath. When I first started it I used to loose my focus on my breath but eventually I got more consciousness. I used to feel drowsy when I come home by bus but now I see others becoming drowsy, I don’t know how to explain the peace I feel every second of my day. Even when I’m listening to a song I never let my ego to let hold of me and drag me to the unconsciousness. So now it’s easy for me.


Well, when I started my first LD technique I got insomnia and it was so Damn hard to falls asleep that I partially gave up on LDing. Because in September I became serious about it I also had to so something about my insomnia, so what I do is first of all a breathing exercise (the wim hof method) I have written about it you can check it out or you can watch a YouTube video on it there are a lot. Then I do…umm…I don’t know how I explain this , so basically what I do is acupunctures. I press every finger of my leg for 1 minute (because tesla used to do it so I started doing it too) and then I listen to a relaxing music (I’m not talking about lyrical songs). Specifically there’s a channel on YouTube called “in59seconds” where the guy is maybe a psychologist and he has made the world’s most relaxing music so I listen to it for 10 minutes. Then I say ‘OM’ in a stretched tone 3 times. That’s a spiritual thing so your choice if you want to do it , it’s now a habit for me.

if you have never done anything like these practises you can start by picking any one (the breathing technique will work best probably). There are many things people do wrong like first what I used to do is like going from nothing to everything like suppose someone else told me to do things like this to overcome insomnia then the-old-me would just start doing everything together and that’ll actually mess things up more, so don’t start doing everything, pick one try it for a month atleast.

Second is don’t expect to get result in the first day, It took me atleast 1 and a half month to overcome insomnia. It’s not magic that you’ll get instant results, biological processes are slow it would take time.

And BTW I also want to know if I’m doing something wrong, I can fall asleep easily but only by breathing for now, I’ve a pretty good dream recall and I’m doing these things from a month. And I know many of you are experts in LDing and I’m still trying to incuce LDs. So I would really like that if any of you can help me. And please tell me if I’m doing something wrong.


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I don’t really have concrete advice how you can have more lucid dreams, but I am sure talking about your endeavors here is going to help :grin:

Reading your post gave me somewhat the impression that you follow a lot what other people were saying and writing. Just some food for thought: What have you learned about yourself and your dreams in the process? What are some of your typical dream signs? What do dreams feel like for you? What has inspired you to do lucid dreaming and what are you going to do when you achieve it? How do you interpret your dreams, how do you relate to them on all conceivable layers?

Self reflection I think is an important part of the journey. Sure you can become lucid without it. But give it a try and you can get more out of it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a master oneironaut either.

But I enjoy dreams and that’s infinitely more valuable.

I am starting from today to start interpreting dreams , and I have a lot of reasons to learn getting lucid like self transformation. But I want to ask how do I start interpreting dreams? I’ve a lot of dreams written in my journal and I know I can start from anywhere but I sometimes feel like ‘what if most of dreams tells me about 10-20 years later of my future’. And I don’t know about dream signs , I mean most of my dreams have nothing in common so I don’t know if I have something like any dream sign.

I haven’t started interpreting my dreams so…how hard is it to interpret your dreams for you? I remember 1 or 2 of my dreams that were direct and showed me a small glimpse of my future of 1 or 2 days later and it was true. I have tons of dreams in my dream journal and they have nothing in common so probably you can tell me what to do.

Thanks BTW!!!

Even if you cannot identify very specific dream signs then you’ll probably be able to make out general themes. Are you often playing games? Often writing tests at school? Often forgetting something? Spending a lot of time with family? These rather general things are examples of dream themes. Personally dream signs have never done much for me and maybe you’re similar. For a lot of people they work really well as keys to lucidity though so I encourage you to explore.

About dream interpretation, that’s a bigger topic. I should probably write an article about this :lol: We actually have one in the article space that you may want to consult, but I don’t really agree with what it proposes so I would like to outline I how go about it. My way of dream interpretation originates from the old LD4all lucid dreaming guide on the main website.

The key method is to ask questions about the dream and see which answer you can find that resonates with. Because dreams are so personal, nobody else can tell you what your dreams mean, unless they know you really well. That’s why I believe dream dictionaries are not reliable.

Dream interpretation is best done immediately after waking up, and preferably no later than on the same day. I usually only bother interpreting dreams that felt emotionally significant, especially upon waking up.

Once you have singled out a dream you would like to analyze, here are some of the questions you should ask and in which direction the answer should go:

  • What did I do in the dream? Why did I do it in the dream - would I also do it the same way in waking life and why yes or why no?
  • What was the general feeling or atmosphere of the dream? How did it manage to give me those vibes? If this situation happened IWL, would my feelings be the same?
  • Who did I interact with in the dream and more importantly how did I interact? How did they act towards me? Which part of my own personality do they represent or which relationship do they represent?
  • Who received love? Who received hatred? Who was hurt? Who was healed? How do I wish to assign those gifts and punishments IWL?
  • What was particularly fun or rewarding in the dream? Would I enjoy this IWL, too? If yes, how to make the dream reality? If no, what else am I seeking?

A general theme that you will see is that the questions always loop back to waking life. That is because the purpose of dream interpretation is to find useful answers that allow you to take conscious actions while awake to steer your life in a more favorable direction. Don’t lose focus on this goal and always try to end up with a conclusion that could read like “From today on I will do X in order to Y.“ Note that the dreams often only help you find Y and X may need some more thinking while awake, but it’s worth to take the extra step.

From a technical perspective it’s also important to relate anything in the dream to yourself: your personality, your thoughts, your feelings, your interactions and relationships, your perception of the world and your values. For example if your friend is being a prick in your dream, don’t interpret it as “I wish he would be more friendly to me IWL“, because that’s evaluating his behavior. Instead, consider what your expectations are of your friend and if you can and want to do something to change your relationship. The dream interpretation must show you choice and not merely reveal the status quo.

A final warning: Interpreting your dreams can hurt. It can hurt a lot more than other people are able to hurt you. If done thoroughly then you will witness an honest reflection of yourself that shows much more than a mirror can and by the person who knows you best. But it’s by feedback like this that we can grow as a person, so it’s still a valuable experience that you will not regret in the long run. Just stay honest to yourself :smiley:

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Thanks!!!:smile: I actually want to face those reflections so I’m going to try it.