How I reached lucidity on my own after 4 months of obsession

I know that most likely this technique has been done before, but I hope it will be useful to newbies out there. Besides, I feel the need to contribute something back to this lovely community.

I started my quest for LDs in June. Managed to keep a diary and practice RCs for two months, without success, before I got lazy and gave up. No more MILDs and WILDs.

But I never actually lost interest. It’s always been there, tucked away in a corner of my mind on the want-to-try-again-someday list, along with polyphasic sleep and whatnots.

You know there’s a brief period after NDs that you wonder whether you’ve really woke up or not? Sometimes it’s easy to tell: you can feel your heartbeats and cloth against your skin; sometimes it’s not. After I learned about LDing, I’ve unconsciously developed this habit of trying to move my leg (e.g. walk) every time I feel myself waking up, just in the slimmest chance that it will put me in an LD. 99% of the time, it only wakes me up for real.

Until last week. I was in a meditation trip in some rural province, alone, away from work and stress. Since I had so much free time, I take morning naps after breakfasts. One day I had this dream that I constantly woke up (inside my dream) to find that time rolled back to a ‘checkpoint’. Something would go wrong (e.g. I’d lose sight of my friends or lose my mobile phone) and I’d try to wake up knowing I will be back at where I was 5 minutes ago. Still ND up to here (how could I miss that, duh).

Then I sort of realized it was silly and that it must have been a dream, and I woke up, (‘for real this time’, I thought,) and went on trying to move my physical body. I fell on a stair and felt foolish; I must have sleep-walked, I thought.

Then I realized there wasn’t a stair where I slept. And noone made stairs with each step over a meter high (like the one that tripped me) anyway. So I was 1) still dreaming 2) conscious and 3) walking. Realization hit me hard. After months of obsession, I’m finally having an LD.

I cried out loud with joy, and the few minutes that it lasted had been the most immense and wonderful moments of my life so far. I smiled and greeted every stranger (something I’d never do IRL, as an introvert), laughed out loud while riding a packed bus single-handedly with ocean wind blowing in my face. When I woke up my heart was still beating fast from excitement, and the endorphine lasted for days.

It’s like a dream came true. Or rather, the opposite. But anyway…

Good luck on your quest! Keep trying and experimenting, and never give up! You definitely don’t want to miss this out in your life. :content:

Congrats on your first LD :ok:

Yeah I remember the feeling when I woke up after my first LD. It´s awesome!
You will see LDs will come easier now…don´t loose motivation!

Thanks for sharing!

Yay for u!!! :adored: :clap: :beer:
That’s really awesome how you could acutally do things in your dream-the only ones I had I was too busy donig a reality check after I knew I was dreaming or something.

Grats man I know the feeling :content:… Float on those clouds and may them take you to new heights

lol, we have all had that feeling:D
its awsome eh? Its great that you didn’t give up. Now that you have experience an LD your going to have many more often. Your motivation level should have increased about 1000000x aswell. Remember, never hold any doubt, if your mind can think it up, its possible!