how Important is a Dream Journal for those who've had LDs?

okay, so I’ve had 70+ LDs within a few years. the thing that makes it really hard for me to jot down my dreams now after I awake, is falling back asleep. if I start jotting down my dreams right away upon wakening say at 3am, after 10-15 mins I am fully awake and have a really hard time going back to bed. it got so bad, that after I’ve had an OBE (much easier for me to achieve than a LD for some reason), I don’t even write it down right away. I usually just fall over, and go to bed. then write it down when I wake up in the morning. I know it’s not good, and I don’t remember the detail of my experience as much, but sleeping has been really hard for me. this goes for falling asleep at night, or falling back asleep after being awake for 10 or so minutes. I used to not be able to fall asleep at all after I’d wake up at night to pee. but it has gotten better, and at least I could fall back asleep but I am afraid to risk by getting out my journal and start blogging.

what do you guys think? oh, and one thing that helps but it doesn’t work all the time. sometimes when I can’t fall back asleep, I could lay down and start visualizing. certain nights I could ‘jump’ into a dream and have a LD. I used that to fall back asleep, but it doesn’t work all the time…

p.s. I don’t record my dreams anymore in a DJ, but only record OBEs and LDs.

The DJ is very important! For me, it kept my dream recall more vivid and more detailed. I had the same problem when I first started LDing. What I recommend is recording your dreams on a recorder,its a lot faster. Thank goodness my phone has a recorder built in. Every night before bed I turn the “brightness” on my phone all the way down ((if I see too much light when I wake up, it becomes more difficult for me to fall back asleep)). When I wake from a LD or ND I hit the record app on my phone and record my dream. Since my dream is on my phone I usually listen on lunch break and write it down in my DJ. Recording is just a lot easier for me in the middle of the night. If your phone doesn’t have a recorder, you can always buy one those small recorders.

Hope that helped.

I just started practicing Out-of-body and I would love to know your technique or any suggestions on how you get out of the body. I pretty much have LDing down but now im ready to experience the out of body state. Some nights I when im in the hypnogogic state, I try to “pull” myself out of the body but I never achieve it :confused: .
Im currently reading Robert Monroe “Journeys out of the body” and its given lots of insight. Hopefully you can help me :help: :wiske:

Thanks and good luck on your journeys

I was waiting for a good first reply. Thank you ShyPrettyOdd!

[spoiler]Most people point it as essential.

However, I don’t have any evidence that points that DJs help my LDing.
According to my records, it seems that my LD rating is not improved by keeping DJs, but they do help me to recall NDs.

Everyone is different, therefore I think you may need to find the answer by testing it yourself… :meh:
Sorry for not being really helpful today…

I find keeping a dream journal essential. It helps dream recall and awareness in dreams.

first of all, I suggest you dl flux for your phone,

it takes out the blue light, which keeps you awake. i have it installed on all my devices. if you have an android, get Twilight, which does the same thing.

second, for some strange reason I just cannot separate for the last 6 months when I hit the vibrational stage pre-OBE. maybe it’s because I cannot even LD most times. hence, why I wm focusing on this now. but the best and most easiest technique that USED to work for me was rolling out. once you feel the vibrations, start rolling your body left to right. you will then roll out of your physical body. this used to be so easy and effortless, i did it all the time. now it feels impossible. second technique that actually works better for me now is the rope technique. you visualize a rope hanging from a ceiling. take your astral hands, which most likely will be lose, if not just visualize they are, and pull your astral body out by climbing the rope upwards. 3rd technique, visualize something, and jump into the image. this one is hard but works from time to time.

i also suggest you google michael raduga’s free ebook, and read the first 24 pages. it is the easiest and most thorough method for having an OBE. one girl i recommended it to had one her first try after following the directions.

i will think about recording my dreams now. thanks.

p.s. Robert Monroe is awesome. i read his first two books, the second being 10x better, and can’t wait to read his 3rd. k33p reading obe material or watching videos about it. that is the best way to have more experiences, since you are always thinking about it. you send out parts of your soul into the obe realm by constantly thinking about what you are trying to achieve (seth, jane roberts)

@Tggtt Thanks! I agree its not needed for some. I think DJing is a good way to keep your mind on LD. When I Started mines, day 1 was about one sentence of recall…by day 5 I had 2 pages of recall! Its good to have to keep the brain aware of how important dreams are to you. Im not going to lie, im lazy when it comes to my DJ but I love seeing how people in this forum are dedicated to their DJ. Its also another cool way to look at the dreams again and search for patterns.

@Pantherabast Thanks for the link on that. I appreciate it :wiske: Lights are my enemy when im LD :bored: especially the ones on my phone and laptop. Will this work on an iPhone?

I tried the roll method but I always end up moving my physical hand//arm which wakes me up :sad: . I wonder how long do I need to be in the hypnogogic state ((vibrations and sounds)) until I need to try to roll out? It seems like I’m in that state forever…then my dream starts to form…then I WILD. I hope I made sense :tongue:

I haven’t tried the rope//visual technique but I will tonight, just to see. Thank you for the book suggestion…ill also read that tonight. Hopefully I get some results soon :wiske: . Funny you mention that about Roberts book. I kept reading suggestions on what order to read them so I started reading the 2nd book first ((I agree, its beyond good…I have maybe 100 more pages left to read)). After I’m done ill move on the 3rd one and then back track to book 1.

I looooooooooooooooooooooove the Seth material as well. Always nice to meet people who’ve read the same material as me. So rare where I’m from :wiske: . I hope your DJing helps and Good luck. Thanks for the suggestions.

nice to know I am not the only one that doesn’t need DJing. I actually remember most of my dreams. I have 2.5 DJs just piled up collecting dust. even though they have helped me, but i don’t think i need journaling anymore. I do wanna experiment with this app called Lucid Dreamer. I got my tablet right by my bed so I’ll experiment DJing again next week. I’m just afraid i won’t be able to sleep again. plus i usually forgot my latest dream, and only remember the one prior to that. it’s weird…

p.s. what is NDs?

the app will only work on your iPhone if you jailbreak it…

I only read Seth Speaks, and now reading Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness. haven’t read the Seth Material yet…

this is why you should always read book 1, 2, 3. in first book Monroe gives you exercises that helped me separating. one is just focusing on vibrations without worrying about anything else, pushing them up and down. i literally separated by doing that.

NDs is the plural of ND.
Normal Dream. I believe that Non-lucid dreams are also normal dreams, like many people around here. Yes… some are against that definition and prefer NLD. But… yes, there’s lot of discussion on that… if it’s not lucid, would it be normal? If it’s normal why cannot it be lucid? and so on. (I have once proposed another acronym as well but that’s not the topic we are dealing here).

On side note, just try keeping track of your LDing. No one is enforcing you to keep a DJ, but you may be affected by not doing it. You have to keep track of your LDing rates somehow to be sure you don’t need it.

Keeping a DJ has become so much of a habit to me that it feels like my dream recall slips away if I don’t write them down, even if I still remember something every night. A few keywords are usually enough for me to remember everything later, and if it is still night, I usually type the keywords in on my phone IRC. The background is dark, so it doesn’t produce much light.

Re-reading old dreams in a DJ can work very well to gain some inspiration and motivation before going to sleep. :cool: