How important is Serotonin to Lucid dreaming?

There seems to be a lot of mention about serotonin levels and lucid dreaming, but please could someone tell me what has serotonin got to do with lucid dreaming?

The reason that I ask is because I have a medical condition which many people believe is caused by low serotonin levels. I have about two lucid dreams a month on average and have done so for the past couple of years. Should this be possible? Anyone else have low serotonin levels?

I believe serotonin is very important 4 lucid dreaming…when we dream normally in rem an enzyme destroys serotonin and norepinephrine those two are active when u are awake. Instead the memory neurotransmitter becomes in rem a 100 times more active…thats acetylcholine.

I took once a quarter of a xtc tab for sleeping as a dream experiment to c if the elevation of my serotonin levels would influence my dreaming in anyway.
That night i had 6 times a ld! good once also.

So yes serotonin plays an important role i would say.
also i found out recently that in our frontal lobe are much serotonin receptors and this part of the brain is already speculated by sleep researchers that it could play a role at lucid dreaming.

but that you are low at serotonin means nothing because your neural networks could have addepted to that a bit and u could have just enough talent so it would be possible it doesnt matter to much in your case!


Thanks for your reply Jeff. I am reluctant to take anything like Prozac or other serotonin enhancing drugs because of the bad press which they have had about side-effects (though they could work wonders for lucid dreaming!). I won’t unless I really have to.

Six lucid dreams in one night…wow! I bet that left you feeling exhausted the next day! :bored:

There is a bwgen (Brainwave generator) preset on the site for increasing seratonin.

I don’t know whether it’s effective or not, perhaps you might give it a try?

Thanks. Yes I will give it a try - maybe this evening and see if it makes any difference. I will let you know of any positive results.

somebody mentioned -> this link <- in another thread. Importance of correct serotonin level is discussed there at the very beginning.

I have no idea if this info is correct or not, but I believe there’s always a possibility to raise serotonin level by eating or drinking food or drinks rich on tryptophan. You might want to read -> this thread <- .

Good luck!


Thanks jtk. You have obviously been spending a lot of time reading through the forums.

I have looked at the site link and was concerned by the piece of writing linking lucid dreaming with depression. There doesn’t appear to be any scientific proof; if anything lucid dreaming leaves me feeling wonderful the next day! My medical condition is not depression but a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder); it started in my early teens - a long time before I started lucid dreaming.

I will have to try out eating certain foods, but bananas are off the menu becuase I can’t stand eating them. I will keep an eye on the ‘shortcuts’ thread for ideas.

Sleepyhead, you are welcome :smile:
I just wish I had enough time to read all those posts :sad: You just happened to ask the same question I was looking for answers to.

I also tend to disagree with linking LD to depression. On a few occasions when I was lucky to have LD it gave me wonderful boost for the next few days.

Anyway, the link between tryptophan and serotonin was scientifically proven and some food can’t make you any harm (except for bananas, as you say :wink: ).

It is also possible to buy pure tryptophan, 5HTP or melatonin in some countries, but you should better consult doctor regarding your condition before using these.

I wish you to get well soon!



Well if lucid dreaming did cause depression (and I think it’s very possible) it would be in the long term, for neuroogical or subconscious reasons. And so you wouldn’t realize it was because of lucid dreaming. But I’m still going to carry on lucid dreaming.

Yeah, apparently I’ve got a borderline case of OCD. But I don’t see why it’s a disorder, it’s just part of my personality. Anyway, I can still lucid dream ok, so if it does create a problem then it’s definitely not something that can’t be overcome.

So this tryptophan can be bought?I mean as a pill or something?
If not,in what kind of medicines can it be found?

It can be bought at vitamin shops…you cant buy it anymore in the usa withch is totally bullshit…because its also in milk and bananas.
In a liter milk is somthing like 500 mg tryptophan.
It gives you a bit more dreams!


My next experiment will be testing 5htp from plants after 6hours of sleep :happy:
And after that combined with hopefully the right precise dosage of coffee.