How interesting is lucid dream to the public?

So, it comes a time that I am assigned an English assignment to write an essay. One with 4 000 words.
I’m thinking of lucid dreaming as one to write about, but my perception of the general populace is that people think lucid dreaming is silly.
It’s most of our world’s population was conditioned so that every time they heard “dream” their brain will shut down and they will disregard the topic as silly.

Though, just like gay marriage, I think that the popular opinion with it may have changed.

Does anyone know what people think about lucid dreaming? People who don’t give a fig about dream interpretation and lucid dreaming in particular.

It depends, I have several social networks I know people in, in most of them lucid dreaming is really rare that people know about or even believe in, but some people I know (and I start knowing more and more) are interested in lucid dreaming and some have even had them.

There are a lot of people who do dismiss lucid dreams as just dreams. I think it would be important to show the usefulness of LDs in waking life. Rehearsing situations, finding solutions to problems, creativity for future writing or art.

Most people I know have never heard of it, or the idea, of being able to control a dream has never passed their mind.

I think that you shouldn’t be afraid to write your essay about lucid dreaming. If I had been afraid to do my graduation project about lucid dreaming 18 years ago, LD4all wouldn’t exist today.

I have mentioned lucid dreaming to several people, and most of them have been like “ah, okay” with a blank face, and then changed the subject.
For one reason or another I got the impression that they weren’t terribly interested to hear about it. :tongue:

I think most people’s problem is that they don’t fully realize the potential in lucid dreaming - if they did then I am sure they would be much more enthusiastic about it.
I once explained Dream Yoga, WILD, to a friend, and his reaction was something like “what’s the point in staying aware like that? :eh:”, and I was thinking like “what do you mean, what’s the point?!”.
Didn’t he realize that staying aware until the dream had formed would allow him to do anything in that dream?

I would say that lucid dreaming isn’t commonly talked about in the general public. Most people don’t really have a full understanding of what it is and are skeptical of the idea of lucid dreams. Hope you ended up writing about it though for your english assignment and would like to see what you wrote. Dreaming in general is an interesting topic in general.

It’s pretty annoying how some people really go to extremes when they are afraid of the topic, some people seem to believe that it is some kind of druglike poison for the mind or whatever, or an evil spell of some sort.
It gets kind of ridiculous sometimes.

I’ve experienced the opposite of what most people are saying here. When I have told others about lucid dreaming, they are often skeptical at first, but when I explain it to them, they are usually interested and ask me how to do it. I can’t think of anyone who has downright not believed me.