How is your Memory Palace?

A few months back i had an LD in which i asked my SC to show me my memory palace. Apparently, mine is not really a palace but more like a mountain range with stone lodges, keeps, ruins and temples scattered all over and so far away i had to fly between them. The only difference between this dream space and others was the fact that every time i entered or approached any of the buildings i started remembering stuff that i had not thought about in years like a vacation long ago or some dinner party with some friends back in high school. Stuff not forgotten but not often remembered.

So, anyone had some similar experience with a “memory palace” of sorts? And how is your memory palace? ( in WL or in dreams)
Discuss :smile:

In my first LD, it was a ballet theater, and a dream character told me that the language I said my first words in but now can’t speak because I didn’t continue to grow up hearing it-- was backstage, on the props table.