How is your memory?

I’m going to make this short. It’s my first post and I don’t know if it’ll take. Hi all! I’ve been having lucid dreams for years. I’m having a strange pattern in my dreams. I’ve been remembering other dreams while I’m in a dream (mostly places where I’ve been). This makes me believe that dreams are real… in a dimension. What confuses me is that I can’t remember waking life in dreams. I’ll recall facts of my life, but never have an awareness of it. …So I’d like to know how your memory is. Can anyone help me understand this?

In high level LDs, i can remember all details of my real life, remember what i did the day before and such, but in low level lds/non lds its the same for me too.

Also i have noticed that i sometime get false memories?? Memories of a totally different life sometimes, which i think is damn strange…

Your name’s “me”? That’s one of my nicknames! :grin:

Thank goodness, I got replies! That helps a lot. Now I know that it is possible to remember the waking life. I suppose most of my lucid dreams are low to mid level concsiousness. I can definantly improve on that. …I know, my name is corny. I was using Lucid dancer on another forum. I didn’t want to carry that over to a LD site!