how little sleep do i need?

hi, im just going to a very very stressful school. its one year intense! and the thing is that i really dont have time to sleep :sad:
this last week has vin extra stressful since i had handin this monday (im so happy its finished!) and i heard that 4 hours is the most efficent amount of sleep, that is the time when the body recovers most! at volvo ocean race (where they race with sailingboats around the world) they only seep 4 hours each time bacause of this. so now for over 1 week ive only sleept 4 hours each night. it has worked kindof well actually i havnt bin that sleepy, sometimes sleepyness struck me kindof hard thou and i wouldn’t be able to keep that up for the rest of the year.
Ive also bin told that if you go up after 4, 8, 12 etc hours of sleep you wont feel so tired when going up (is this when you are in rem?)
and, finally, my question is - how much sleep is most efficiant to get? 4 hours is too little and i dont have time with 8…6 would be good but then again i might be to tired and not be able to do good work the first 2 hours anyway? and is the info ive bin given correct?
one thought i had was to get 4 hours one night and 8 the second…might work. seems like ive got alot of experimentation to do as im sure this is very individual…
anyway thanks for taking the time! //Cal

(and yes i know…much less ld’s for me!!! :grrr:

The average person, to my knowledge, can function on 5-6 hours. Any less and your motor skills will decrease and you’ll be yawnin alot. :tongue:

Sh*t, lately I’ve gotten like a maximum of 3 hours a night on weekdays :bored: Mostly because I don’t know how to manage my time, heh… Anyways I wouldn’t recomend it, I seem to function okay when I’m in a class that’s interesting or doing something interesting, but when somethings boring, man it’s like the hardest thing in the world to keep my eyes open.

8-10 hours is the recommended amount of time a person should spend sleeping per night. lack of sleep can lead to numerous health problems including heart disease. not to mention it lowers the immune system greatly. I say that if school is getting in the way of your sleep, set school aside and go to bed. Don’t let school interfere with your health. It may seem like it is easier said than done, but you can do it. set a bed time for yourself. try to have everything done by bedtime. whatever isn’t finished, oh well. It’s dream time. don’t let anything come between you and your sleep.

I sleep 5-6 hours a night almost every single school day. (unless I’m sick, like now, or totally exhausted) This is not because school keeps me busy, but because I desperately want to have fun after yet another day of extreme boredom. It works, but I often get tired around 2-4 in the afternoon and I can’t think as intensely as on weekends when I sleep around 10 hours.

If you are having trouble fitting it in all at once you might want to look at the Uberman sleep schedule post in the Lucid Laboratory and give that a try. If it works it could be very effective

Your body has to go throw the dreaming stages each night in order to function the next day. There is no known reason Why you need to dream, you just have to. There are several explinations (you can look up the reasons online)
It takes about 2 hours (it ranges) for you to reach the first REM stage. Usually in a normal sleep you go through 3-5 cycles of light-deep sleep. The reason you remember dreams is because you are in the REM when you wake up. you dream mostly during the REM state. The other were right in saying that your motor skills will decrease.

There was an experiment done. Every time the test subject would go into the REM of sleep, they would wake him up. After several nights of this, their motor skills were as impared as someone who would be drunk enough to get a DUI.

Even though I know it impossible to even think about, you can’t be too stressed or you won’t sleep at all. I know what you are going through. I’m at one of the hardest acedemic schools in Florida. I know how challenging it is. Sleep is just as important as eating right…lol. I know that it’s inevitable that you’ll have to pull a few all-nighters. But as hard as it is, it’s REALLY important that you get sleep. Studies show that even taking an hour nap is better than not sleeping. You might also tring some sort of exsersize (sp?) . I play softball so it helps me get all my stress out (or at least not having to worry about it for 3 to 4 hours a day).

If you can’t sleep 8 hours in a night, I highly recommend naps. As well as refreshing you, they’re a great time to LD. Don’t deprive yourself of dream time, it’s good for the soul. :wink:


it’s fine to pull 0-4 hour sleep nights once in a while, but you should strive for at LEAST 6 a night… and you should at least go to bed and lie in bed, and get ready for sleep 8-9 hours before you have to get up, so at least you can relax and clear your head, even if you only fall asleep and get 4-6 hours total.

on naps, they can make you extraoidinarly lazy and 10x more tired than you were before you took them, you need to be tired enough to get an REM nap, not an nREM nap…

now if you’re not pressed for time, then NREM napping whenever the hell you feel like it is great, in your car inbetween classes, etc, but it might not necessarily help you much.

i agree with aplz 5-6 hrs is ok relatively few people can get away with 4hrs only

There’s always Uberman