How long are your LD's?

i am a n00b and just registered, although i have been reading the boards for a while, just decided to register today, and anyway i never had a LD and was wondering,

  • what is the longest LD you’ve had?
  • how long do your LDs usually last?

thanks. . . :smile:

Some people can make them last days weeks or even months, personally I have had one that seemed like 4 hours, and others that seemed like 50 seconds.

While lucid you can do Lucidity enhancers. Sientific studys (by Stephen LaBerge) show that spinning on your own axis while lucid increases lucidity and vividness, I jsut look and examine textures and my dreams seem to go on longer and things become more vivid.

^thats cool… I was wondering about the “axis-spinning.” I’ve heard of it in quite a few places and am trying to relate it to a camera of sorts around the person(like a 3rd person videogame) spinning around… thats just an educated guess on my part though, can anyone elaborate?

My longest ones seemed to last 15-20mins… they are usually only a few minutes long though…

It’s more like 1st person view. Spin like a top with your view from your own eyes. Just spppppiiiiin. :wink:

And yes, LD’s can last from 1 second to lifetime. I, myself, have experienced few lifetime LD’s. I’m sure it doesn’t last that long irl otherwise I’d be asleep forever, but it felt like it lasted a lifetime indeed. :biggrin:

Time can be very heavily distorted in dreams so anything is possible. :biggrin:

^ now are you talking about a real feeling of “lifetime” like you really lived for years and years within one dream. i feel taht if you did that, or even close to that, taht there would be no point in posting in this forum anymore. i mean i cant even begin to describe how much i learn in minutes of dreaming, let alone days… if you had really done that i would think that you would be able to enter the dreamstate at ANY point in time, thus maknig this reality void, or useless.

I have had lucid dreams which has lasted everything from 1 second to 30-40 minutes :cool: I had a normal dream once which appeared to go on for 4 years, but I think that one left out a lot of details.

There are many ways to make a lucid dream last longer. An important thing I have learned, is when it feels like the dream is fading, do not open the eyes! It is possible to go back into the dream, or go into another one, by spinning or using one of the other techniques. Of course, this is different for different people. I am sure there is a way that works well for you out there. :cool:

Good luck!


I disagree. :smile: I still appreicate this reality… plus I can’t sleep forever anyways so I have to live in this reality as well. Plus, I can’t induce it at will everytime.

longest one was one hour shortest couple minutes

Hmm. My first was about 20 seconds, my second was 5 minutes, and night before last, I had one that was an estimated 10-30 minutes long. (how’s that for specific??) I found that in the long LD (high-level, too!), I could make everything more realistic and less … real, I suppose, at the same time by examining my hands. (The seven or eight fingers on one hand thing freaked me out for a second! :eek: )

Sorry about the horribly off-topic post there. I really felt the need to brag about my achievement! :boogie:

My longest one is 10 secs.

But who knows maybe reality is a dream is shared by everyone and we’re LDing eternally? :neutral:

Longest was about 10 minutes. In general they are 10 sec to 2 minutes for me :sad:

JaRoD - ooh ooh, try my tech if you haven’t. Y’know the one, with the looking and the touching and the GLAABIN!!

I think I can help I had a few lucid dreams by now and in one I was thinking I have to stay lucid and I recorded my voice : I am dreaming and I will stay lucid till I want that it fades away and it helped I was lucid for about an hour and then I was affraid that I wouldn’t here my alarm to go to school so I got back in my dream I hoped you liked my advice :happy: :content:

My longest LD was four hours, the shortest not even a second. (That was the best dream ever!) (Then again it depends on the meaning of time that passes IN the dream, it could be anywhere for me: from one second to billions of years :smile: )

My longest LD was 20 minutes. Then the second longest was 10 minutes. My average duration for a LD is about 1 or 2 minutes.
I mean, duration in real time, not in dream time.

I cant really tell how long my dreams are… It seems to me like they are only 2 minutes. But the things I do in my dreams would take much longer then two minutes. It would be more like… 10 - 15 minutes… but still it only seems to be around 2-5 minutes :eh:

I can’t tell how long my dreams are. I had a dream last night that, in my dream, took a whole day. But in relity it only took a hour :obe:

Title was: How long would you say an average lucid dream is?
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For me it’s usually not much longer than a minute