How Long Before Full Lucidity Control? To many methods?

Yeah, yeah, I know this is different for every person and all that, but I was wondering how long it took you guys? How many of you have full dream manipulation, and can have extended lucidity (10 min+?) I haven’t had a lucid dream quite yet, but i’m getting into a routine. Practicing RC’s and ADA throughout the day, attempting WILD in the afternoon, and alternating between VILD and MILD at night. Am I attempting to many methods at once? I’ve only been attempting lucid dreams for about a week now, omitting two days.

And, sorry for the multiple non-related questions! I guess that could be rather annoying! :grin:

I can’t speak for “full dream manipulation” and “extended lucidity”, as they’re very relative terms and I don’t meet my own definition of them, but I can address your other question somewhat. From a DILD perspective, many techniques can be done alongside each other without any one technique interfering with the others; I personally use RCing, MILD, WBTB, dream journaling, autosuggestion, and occasional meditation all together. For WILD, you can certainly perform many of the aforementioned DILD techniques during the day, but you’ll likely want to practice exactly one WILD technique at night until you get good at it. Moving back and forth between WILD variants may make it harder to learn the proper mental state to attain.

That said, I’d like a WILD practitioner to make sure I’m not wrong about that part. :razz:

Haha, thanks that helps a lot! :grin: And yeah, I keep a dream journal, too. This morning I wrote down a dream that took almost 3 pages! But I havn’t noticed any “Dream signs” yet, because I just recently got into this dreaming stuff. But, thanks for the advice, and I’ll make sure to remember it! :wink: