How Long Before You Can Achieve Oobe Or Ap From Dreaming

Ive always been intrested in my dreams and ive always wanted to try the drug dmt but have never been able to find it so anyways i heard thats its possible to have an oobe from being lucid in your dreams so if yall lucid pros can give some advice i would appriciate it much oh yeah how long will it take to do this also, peace robd

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as for your questions, i invite you to browse this site and the forum, and maybe you will find your answer already there.

Rob dont use caps lol…I am not deaf…it reads not so easy as you think…lol.

To answer your question rob!
It depends on your talent and dedication!

Good Luck :smile:


all I can say (because I’m not experianced with OOBE’s and such) is before you try a drug, make sure that it’s side effects wont, as you put in **** you up! It’s better to be healthy and take time obtaining these states in a natural way, or at least a safe way, then take a drug and find that it messes you up. You don’t have to take a drug to have an OOBE or a lucid dream
Happy dreaming! :sleep:

Yes, it is possible, and to be honest, yuo can do it in 2 days. It is called the Suneye method, which has a 95% success rate. I myself, have had success on the very first try, but MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW it exactly. I recommend method 1. Search the forum for “suneye” (without the " "). Find a link to download the file (its an adobe acrobate reader thing) and read it all. Good luck, and you will have success within a week if u try it. BTW, with it yuo can have an LD, thuogh often OBEs occur (and ya, theyre real).

-=RoB=-…are you totally aware of what dmt is?
in two senteces…
it can be the most abstract and wonderful experience a person can have…
it can also be the worst possible thing that can happen to a person…
think about it!
if you still up for it you should be VERY experienced with psychedelic drugs. you should be able to control a bad tripp after taking 3-4 trips (lsd)
if you have never had a bad tripp its NOT a good thing. that dont mean you prob will have a good trip, it just means you wont be able to control one. the mind is not to toy with.
i have had the thought about it but not dared to try it. ill go throu my dreams instead, i advise you to do the same.
if you STILL want to do it think about having a good friend by your side when you wake up (you take a couple of smoke of this then you past out while tripping in your head for like 20 minutes, but it can feel like a year : ) because when you wake up (if) you wont know your own name so be carefull!!!

Mindexplorer i tried dmt many times…its not addictive and a neurotransmitter in our brain…yes our body makes it also!
And its very dosages sensitive…if you take for instance 10 mg you just are very super relaxt…super focus at one point…at higher dosages like between 25 to 50 it is really spychedelic…above 50 mg it can also indeed be hororor…depends…also from who you are and how experienced you are with psychedelics. but if you try you can always start a t low dosages and then all is safe no horror there…or big impact…
Dmt gives pure theta waves!


:tongue: Thanks ben7 for showing me the the suneye method the next time i get a day off and have nothing to do that day im going to try hopefully ill have a good expierence & thanks for everybody’s comments i appriciate them, peace -=RoB=-

im very curious about obe and dmt experienses, have you had a real obe? and is there any similarity with the two?

A little DMT trivia. I haven’t tried it by the way. But anyways, I heard that it’s legal in Japan. A better way to put it is that “it’s not illegal”. :grin: I have always been curious about dmt. I’ve given up psychadelics such as lsd or mushrooms. The trips last too long and I haven’t had any real breakthroughs since the first few times. Also, it’s really hard to integrate the experience. But I have always thought that I would try dmt one day.

But back to my original point. DMT isn’t illegal in Japan. My younger brother who lives there saw them selling it in a booth in the street. My brother asked the guy who was selling it if it was the real deal. The guy told him that taking the full “bottle” of it will make you astral project.

Anyways, I believe that for the most part, psychadelics are short-cuts, and the experiences are hard to integrate constructively. I think whatever state psychadelics can help you achieve, you can do it better naturally. Of course, the natural way takes much practice, patience, discipline, and perseverence. But it must be the most rewarding. Just my 2 cents.

I agree totally mellowman, ive done my fare share of acid shrooms and extacy and the after effects are well not worth the the drug exept for the first couple times you do them, like i went crack head with each one till i got sick of them you now,but yes i would much rather achieve this state naturally than loosing my mind with a chemical imbalance, im mean thats the main reason why i stopped taking those drugs so i was very excited when i heard you can do this naturally… peace out -=RoB=- :tongue: