How long did it take you to become lucid?

I always knew dreams were controlable before I found this site and I thought it just happened sometimes. After finding this site and reading more about it I had an LD 2 days later where i was able to fly around and look at the sky and I even got to talk to DCs but I cant remeber what I said or what they said. It all ended when an animal bit my leg and it was too painful so I woke myself. Now I have lucid dreams where I concentrate on doing one thing at a time so I dont wake up so fast

Ok, thanks Basilus! I’ll do that in “The Quest for Lucidity”. :smile:

I got my first LD on my second night, but I’ve still far from mastered it, averaging only about 1 or 2 a month.

Honestly, it took me a while to have my first LD. Partly because the were no forums around to help when I first started. All I had was a book and myself. Also, I thought of lucid dreaming as something that was hard and some thing that was beyond my ability so, I did not put the right effort into it. Once I had my first one though I was kicking myself over how hard I made things for my self.

Some advice:

=> Lucid dreaming is something that anyone can do if you just practice so don’t think of it as something that is hard. If you think it’s hard it will be.
=> Practice seriously. For example when you do reality checks put real effort into it and honestly question your reality. (Same goes for all techniques)
=> Your dream journal is your best friend.

Good luck and happy dreaming :smile:

took me about 2 months to have a lucid dream, and I woke up from it instantly. That was in march and i have only recently started having high-lucidity dreams… just dont give up, you’ll eventually lucid dream and b4 u know it you will be having lots of em too. Try working on reality tests a lot. it helps

It just kinda happened out of the blue for me. One day i just knew i was dreaming. After that experience i looked it up on the net. I’ve been having regular LD ever since.

Peace Sensi.