How long did it take you to become lucid?

I’ve been practicing dream recall for, oh say 'bout a month. Sometimes the idea of Dream recall slips my mind because of the stress of school and stuff so maybe less. I am OK at recalling dreams. If I mess up my technique (repeat a mantra, when you wake up don’t move and try to remember your dream) I only remember little bits, if any at all. But anyways, how long did it take you to reach Lucidity? I’m getting EWLD today so thats off my list. Should I just be patient with it? How long did it take you to become lucid?

yes, you should be patient :smile:
Just relax and let it come, don’t stress anything that will probably make matters worse. Don’t get dissapointed in the morning if you didn’t have a LD / remember any dreams, it will come sooner or later!

For me, it took about three weeks after I first heard about it but it wasn’t until 1½ month when I had a really high lucidity dream

happy dreaming! :dream:

I started on halloween 2003 an had my first LD 14/2 2004.
After that, it took about 5 months before I had a long clear Higly Lucid dream.

it took me about two-three months before i got a long ld too… I’m usually busy with school and work, and I’m running around more often than not, but every now and then I get some LD’s to keep me going :smile: I got into LD-ing about a year ago…

I got in to LDing in July 2004 and I had like 1 or 2 LDs since then. But they were very low. Im on a dry spell right now…so I have to find better techs.

It depends of a lot of factors :

  • whether you believe it will work or not,
  • motivation,
  • fear,
  • friends former experiences,
  • choice of the good method,
  • etc.
    When I first heard about LD ( astral projection indeed ), someone just told me about the WILD method. I tried and never succeed.
    Few years later, I’ve read in Castaneda’s books (in which I put much confidence) a method which is not such far from MILD. I tried and it takes me about a month, but I succeed.
    Very happy, I told it to my friends. They experienced it and had results in less than 2 weeks. And a former girlfriend :wiske: had her first experience of LD the night I told her about, without practising at all !
    If you look in the various “Yes ! I got my 1st LD” topics, you will see it varies from 1 day :cool_laugh: to 1 year :help: :help: :help: !

But with a good technique and motivation, it’s rather quick.

can you tell us your technique :smile:

OK. I’ll put the Castaneda’s method there !
[url]Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands]
But I especially emphasized on the fact that you have better results when you believe it will be easy, because people you like made it before, etc.

Cool. I read Castaneda’s method and indeed it does seem like a MILD. Interesting. I’ll try it.

Btw, I just got home from buying EWLD :smile:

I got lucid after trying for either 3 days or a week, but I woke up for a while when I had high lucidity LD 's

I got my first one lasting more than 2 seconds 1 month after starting

i had the same questions when I was starting out, and then my next question was “how often can everyone here lucid dream?” each person is different of course, but personally it took me eight days after staring my dream journal to have my first brush with lucidity. it was not very controlled, but i did perform a reality check. less than a minute in length. my first well controlled lucid dream, complete with flying and telepathic powers, came a week after that. my frequency of LDs was probably around one every two weeks to once a month for the first two years of practicing. others can do better I’m sure, but it’s a long process. the dream journal is a huge factor. if you stop writing in it you will be less in touch with your dreams and your frequency will probably go down as a result. maybe not for everyone, but this is how i see it. and if you can train yourself to reality check often, everyday, you should find yourself in a dream pretty quickly. enjoy EWLD. i lent out my copy… ugh. gotta buy another. :roll:

Wow, you all have excellent advice! I didn’t think I’d get this many replies! Thanks, everyone :smile:

1.4 months

It took me about two nights from when I first started reading about it to get my first Lucid Moment, and then another week until my first long LD. But I first started during final VCE exams and thus had plenty of time to sleep in and attempt stuff.
My main problem was that it was another two months or so after this point when I began to be able to use any Lucid Powers in the dreams.

It’s a pity really now that I look back on it, I had more LD’s back then than I could ever get now, but I wasted most of them running from one side of a field to the other trying unsuccessfully to fly.

My main suggestion is just to have some type of LD thought in your head at all times and you should LD naturaly as often as you need. My second suggestion is WBTB, which makes everything several times easier and more common.

First low level LD: after 3 days
First full blown LD: after about 1.5 months

I had a bit of luck during that period: I was living a rather isolated life from the rest of the world, so not much to worry about and not much disturbances. I was also extremely motivated in the beginning. This situation I think was optimal for me to concentrate fully on dream recall first and afterwards on LDing.

I had my first LD after 2 weeks. After that I started getting them about once a week.

Hey everyone! I tried the WBTB method and I managed to get into SP. Unfortunately, I started hearing noises (no imagery) and a high, cold laugh and then I tried to fall off my bed (stupid, I know) and I saw an image of me falling off my bed. I thoguht it was a dream and repeated that to myself BEFORE I saw the image of me falling. Can anyone tell me what this was? Was it close to a WILD?

Took me a month to get my recall up, and have my first crappy LD. Then it was an additional month before having a LD that was 5 minutes long and extremely vivid.

And yes, motivation plays a very extreme factor in lucid dreaming especially in MILD. Sometimes people have too much and sometimes not enough. I’ve been noticing that if I REALLY have an intensely strong intention to have a LD ( like if I need to solve a real life problem) then I will have a LD.

Took me 3 months to become lucid after finding out about it.


What you describe looks very like a WILD. I think you were more than close, in my opinion it WAS a WILD.
Perhaps could you post this question in a specific thread with a title related to it, so that good WILDers can see it and answer.