how long does it take to get over lucid moments?

k, i had a lucid dream over this last summer when i really got into this stuff… then i got out of it for a while and started up again about a week ago. (i’m not gonna quit this time, i can assure you… that lucid dream was too fun).

well, for the first couple days of this week i increased dream recall, and thats about it. then for about the past 5 nights i’ve had between 1 and 3 lucid moments every night. how long does it take till you get over lucid moments and start having fuller dreams?

last night i think i was much closer, i actually fought to stay in the 2 lucid dreams i almost had… and it was the first time i’ve been able to. in the first lucid moment i just concentrated on staying in the dream but still woke up, but i was really fighting it with my mind. then in the second lucid moment i concentrated and it and attempted to say, “Lucidity x1000” but no words came out of my mouth.

i think i’m getting closer and closer to staying in the dreams, but how long does it take? is this normal? :eh:

It depends totally on the individual doing it. There’s not a general formula which would say “it’s gonna take you 17 days” or “it’s gonna take that other guy 28 days”.

It depends on what you do, how you do it, how much are you into this etc etc.

Just keep trying and never give up. Maybe it will take you months, maybe just a few days… Who knows… Good luck! :smile:

well i knew you weren’t gonna be able to give me the exact date :cool_laugh: , that’s not what i meant to ask for… but now after looking at my post that is kinda what i said. i just was wondering how long it took you if you ever went through this, just so i could find out an average length of time. but like you said it’s different for different people, so i’ll just have to wait and see.

but, i still was wondering if you think i’m getting close. last night is the first night i fought to stay in my dreams, and i did it twice.

also, is there any special techniques you’ve found effective for when your totally losing it but wanna recover quickly?

Well my first LD was spontaneous and it took me 2 or 3 weeks (can’t remember) to get the second one.

Close, not close, that’s hard to say… It will happen dont’ worry. :wink:

What do you mean by “totally losing”? Dream fading -> danger of waking up?

when i said “totally losing it” i meant the feeling you get when you know your waking up. i heard that grabbing onto something in the dream helps, but i haven’t had a chance to try it. but, i will next time i have a lucid moment. thanks for the responses sputnik :content:

U can try spin around if u notice your dream is fading away, that would be the most simple basic technique…its from Stephen Laberge. U can read a lot here at the forum about this topic…use search! Or just look around and read :smile: Enough info here…