How long until WILD?

So last afternoon i layed back without moving a muscle for 47 minutes and did not enter a dream,but i got HH of course.How long do we have to wait for entering a dream?90 minutes?
All help is appreciated

For what it’s worth, i’ve been trying to WILD for 2 months on and off with little success. the other night I am 99% sure I had a LD. The 1% uncertainty is because the dream itself was quite fussy and vague, but I had awareness.

I have a theory that the WBTB portion of WILD is the more important part. You need to experiment to find your REM cycle.

So, go to bed tonight and set your alarm for say 3 hr sleep. Then, post 3 hours try to WILD. Get up for a minute first to wake yourself up, that’s what I did. The baby woke and I had to put him down again.

Then, I tried to WILD and within 4 to 5 breaths I was in a dream.

Good luck and please post your progress. I love to learn from other people’s experiences.

When I enter the HH stage…I focus on a “dot of light” and try to form shapes ((I read this somewhere in this forum :content: )). After I form a circle, my dream starts to form. That circle soon turns into the sunlight shining in my room. I become Lucid in my bedroom every time. For some strange reason I love the HH :cry:

How long are you sleep before WBTB? Before you woke up? This plays a big role ((from me experimenting)) with WILD for the past few months. I finally found a technique that worked for me.
Wake up after 4-5 hours <----this is key.
listen to binaural beats for 10-20 minutes ((intent; thoughts of lucidity and LD))
Fall back to sleep…
after what seems like a second, I wake up in a dream VERY lucid! :content:
Last week alone I had 5 LD in 6 nights…but I’ve had problems all this week falling “back to sleep” after waking up for WBTB. I don’t know if I’m not getting enough a sleep or if I am getting too much :confused: .
One time, it took me well over an hour to fall back to sleep but I still became LUCID :smile:
Lots of Trial and Error but I’m on a roll and you will too. Keep experimenting. Don’t give up. :wiske:

I agree. Good luck on your journey.