How Long will I have to Practice to Become Lucid in my Dreams?

I have been TRYING to become Lucid in my Dreams since 2010 after I watched the Movie Inception.
Problem is I have Been Doing NIGHT SHIFTS for more than 15 years. Because of which I have NOT been able to Practice Lucid Dreaming.
Since Covid Started, For the past 2 years I have a Day shift. I started Keeping a Dream Journal Since 14 June 2022. So its been 3 months.
In past 3 months I have become Lucid Only Once.

So Question is …. Right Now I am 38 Years Old. I have Been Practicing Meditation for Past 20 Years and I have still not met with ANY Success.
So For How Many More Years Do I need to Practice so that I can Become Lucid In my Dreams ???

Will I become Lucid in the next 3 -6 months or it might take longer … i.e. I will become a Lucid Dreamer at the Age of 40 or 45. I don’t mind waiting and Practicing.

But I have been TRYING for the PAST 20 YEARS without ANY SUCESS. So How many more Years Do I need to Practice in order to Become Lucid ???

I would Like to Know a Definite Time.

From Your experience with yourself and Helping Others… Please Answer my Question… Please…

Thank you for reading…

From my experience there is no such thing as a definite time. If it takes a very long time for you, then maybe you’re missing something. I recommend trying to do things a little different than you’ve done in the past 20 years. Going from night shift to day shift sounds like a good step into the right direction.

The best news is that you already had a lucid dream, so you have the perfect proof that you are capable of lucid dreaming! Nothing is impossible now.

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Thank You Marvin for your reply.

Right now I am Practicing WILD… So I Visualize a 12 Petal Chakra…
So If I keep on Visualizing Chakra Every Day then Eventually I should be able to Induce WILD…
Am I correct ?

I Plan to Continue Visualization for the Next 3 months