how long

i’m a newbie to LD’s and have only been trying a week.
I have been unsucessful so far (once close) and was wondering:

How long was it till you started having LD’s?


For me; about 2 weeks. But I’m a bit of a natural so it might take more or less time :wink:

Also bit natural here :smile:

I had LD’s before i started to try to have it. :tongue:

After first trys ? well, three days, but i had great motivation.

Use force of MILD !

i have had the total of 3 and i started alittle over two weeks ago, and so far i have only had one good succesful one. I started October 1st.

Thz Python, DD And Yougamer.
I started about 1 week ago.
I’m using MILD and if I wake up WBTB.
The closest I had was when in my dream an object appeared next to me and i thought “shoudn’t I have a RC now?.”
any1 else.


Aboot a week or two. But it was luck after several sleepless nights that did it - DILD.

thz jacky.
every1 seems to be saying about 1 week.
i thought it was about a few months.
anyone else?

I think it depends on how hard you try and how you do it, or just the kind of person you are. If your stressed i would say it could take longer then a month, or if you dont consentrate enough then i say it would take longer.

hopefully then i shall have my first Lucid Dream in the Next few days
thz fo the info yougamer

You WILL have your lucid dream in the next few days or the next week. I will personally enter your dream and tell you are dreaming :smile:

placebo effect?

Sorry i mean I will have a LD in the next week

is there anyone out there who can tell us about how long till you had you first LD?

From my initial discovery of LD4ALL, I had my first LD about 2 weeks after, it was a bit spontaneous after I had lost most of my motivation after the first week, so don’t give up!

I had my first LD in July and didn’t know what it was…so I googled it and ended up finding this site. After learning all about LD’s and reading up on them, it took me about 2 weeks to have another LD. Since July I have concieved 5.

It took me about 3 weeks to have a LD after finding out about them :smile:

cool thz 0Haku0, ShawnDB and MelissaDreamer

Wow, really? I watched Waking Life one night (which got me interested in it), used the walking up stairs technique and had one that night. I was thoroughly surprised, even though it was very basic. That was about 2 months ago though, I haven’t had one since, not that I’ve tried much.