How lucid was i?

Hi everyone, i discovered lucid dreaming a while back but it was only 3 days ago now that i started to document my dreams. Last night i was lucid after only documenting 2 of my dreams, so i’m quite happy :content: . Here is what i wrote in my notepad immediately after waking:

“I started out in a cinema (can’t remember how i got there) and i was speaking to someone on a mobile phone who was only 2 rows behind (don’t know who this person is). I thought to myself ‘why would i be on a mobile phone in the cinema to someone 2 rows behind me?’. I performed a RC (pinch nose) and could still breathe, i was lucid. Excited, i left the cinema and began checking my hands on the way out, they were distorted. I can’t explain why they just looked different. I then remember lying in my own bed, still lucid, wondering how to get up and explore. This seemed to go on for a while, and i performed multiple RC’s to check whether i was still dreaming. I could then feel the dream slipping away from me, the best way i can describe this is i could see and hear the dream, but i wasn’t inside it. I rubbed my hands, and started to spin around, this had no effect. I shouted ‘increase lucidity’, and the ‘volume’ of the dream i could hear started to increase. I kept shouting, and eventually flew through my window, landing in my back garden. The clarity of my vision was amazing. I went out to the front of my house and jumped into the air. I rose higher than all of the houses in the area, but couldn’t move forwards once airborne. I jumped again, this time onto the roof of my house (it looked nothing like the roof of my house). After sitting on the rooftop for a while, i landed back into the back garden. A DC appeared - my brother. He told me he had to climb the house to get the roof, i tried to jump again to show him how easy it was but found i couldn’t. Performed another RC to check i was still dreaming - i was. Disheartened i went to the front of the house where he lit a cigarette (he doesn’t smoke?). I got on my motorbike and rode away down my street. This is where i started to lose the dream. Suddenly i wake, perform the pinch nose RC, i can’t breathe.”

I began conducting this experiment with a really open mind (i was expecting to have my first LD after maybe a month or so of documenting my dreams and performing RC’s) and it seems to have paid off to have one so early on, my only questions are:
-How do i fly forwards once airborne?
-How do your dreams end? For me it was literally like Inception whereby everything started exploding etc…
-How do i explore other places instead of just my own house?
-The next time i’m lucid, should i take my time more as a pose to jumping straight in to things like trying to fly?

Thanks guys.

Well congrats and welcome to the forum!

Keep in mind that in dreams there is no other power then mental power. Thoughts are deeds. What you think this will happen.

Of course like with everything else you need practice. You achieved a lot already. I’m not saying that you should back up now, on contraire mon frere you should proceed forward with motivation and will power. But always keep it real. Expect real progress. If you already flew up that’s a lot. Many can’t even after dozens of LD’s fly. Keep your goals real compared to your experience inside the lucid dream.

Like I said thought is deed. If you want to move once you’re in the air usually helps if you find a place you wanna go. For start take something close. Like you back garden and imagine yourself flying or just going there. You’ll see with practice flying will become easy as breathing.

My dreams usually end with blackness which starts to rounding me and then when everything is black I would wake up(usually) and sometimes I end up in FA!

When one is not too much experienced in LD’ing then it’s somehow hard to left the place you find yourself lucid. I’ve experienced that a lot. Like you I would become lucid in my house or back yard and all my curiosity would be stuck for that place, almost like it’s not my own will, like I’m pulled toward things to explore them but once when you become more experienced them you can brake this, you can just go where ever you wanna go. Even create a place of your own…

Like I said before, urge to explore sometimes can be hard to resist but if you can and if you can wait in a dream before rushing toward doing things I would suggest to do so. You need time to become accustomed to the dream once you found yourself in one. You can set grounding rules in your mind like: this is a dream. I can do whatever I can.

I’ll also quote my signature because it’s a lot about control in a dream:

[center]"I’m the king of my own land.

Facing tempests of dust, I’ll fight until the end.

Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!

Now and forever, I’m your king!"[/center]

Well I hope my answer helped you. Good luck! :content:

Hey man thanks for the reply. I will continue with my dream documentation and continue to have a completely open mind regarding LDing. I am quite a spiritual person anyway and so i want my journey into the dream world to be one of discovery as well as having fun. One thing i did notice about the LD was that i sometimes found it hard to control my thoughts. Maybe if i work on this in the WL it will subconsciously be employed in the dream world. I will take your advice and start slowly before trying more complex things in my dreams, thanks again man.

Good job! You don’t usually hear of people besides naturals who achieve lucid dreams early on ( at least in my experience :cry: ) My advice would be to try to be confident in dreams, it helps to strengthen your will and power in a dream.

About the dream ending thing - I feel like I’m being jerked backwards by my head really fast, but it doesn’t hurt. The world motion blurs to grey, and I go through a sort of half-awake state, past that I really have no idea.

My dreams usually just end suddenly, no fading out into black, not even a warning. One second i’ll be standing in a street or whatever it is happening in the dream and then the next everything will have just ended.

your quite lucky to get an LD after two entries in your DJ i took me like two months! i dont really know how to give advice on the flying cause when i first flew i know this is hella cliche but i believed i could fly and just jumped and flew