How many dreams can u remeber..

LD’s or not…how many dreams can you remeber in one night? I can remember about 3-5 dreams.

How about you?

I keep a dream journal of lucid dreams and i remember all lucid dreams but i have only had one. I can remember 2-3 dreams each nite some nights none :silent: . i really depends if i want to try to remember them. I plan by the and of the year i hope i can remember 1 dream a night.

I can remember 1-3 dreams per night, it depends on how long I sleep. Some nights I can’t remember any dream at all, thought. :[

one day i woke up and remembered over 10. at least i thought it was ten, maybe it was only about 3 that were not complete so i couldnt tell if they were all the same dream or not.

It depends on what you call a dream…

Is a dream everything you dream in one REM period, or just one complete and finished story? Those two seem to get mixed up sometimes. IMHO complete changes of setting and story, still is the same dream if it occurs in the same REM sleep. Even if consiouness can’t make a logical continous story out of it, this doesn’t mean there no continous story.

Maybe I am wrong. I assume REM sleep is continuous without interruptions. Could be different however. :wink:

So, I remember two or three dreams if I use my own definition of dream…

I average about 2 dreams a night (14 a week) but I range from 0 to 5 a night. (depends if I can sleep in, or if I wake up late for uni, and don’t have time to think about it).

That’s not counting the many little fragments I remember as seperate dreams though; most of the time I remember 2 dreams fully, and then a fragment or two of a few other dreams.

I usually average 1 to 2 dreams a night. I can say that unless I lay perfectly still and think about the dreams upon waking and/or write them down, I quickly forget details.

what can i do to repair my dream recall. it is slowly fading away, i dream, but dont remember any sort of details, everything is completely fuzzy. just af ew weeks ago i had excellent recall, dont know what happened. ihave some B-complex vitamins, shoudl start using that more often?

i can usually remember one good dream a night and remember snippets from maybe 2-3 other dreams. usually 1 decent full dream memory on below average. the only time i don’t remember any dreams is when i toke the cheeba that day.

i remember 1 dream a nite but if i pee right after i wake up i ramember 2?

okay, Normally about 4 a day. But somethimes there are nights when i remember a lot of dreams. About 12 is the most.
And the most LDs ive ever had in one day is about 8. Fun night.

Yes, that’s true, I think you should restrict it to 1 REM-period because otherwise you could say that you have 50 dreams/night just by some subjective dividing of REM-sleep into “independent” dream stories. And you can only have one REM-sleep every 90 minutes so… 5 dreams/night is the max for the average sleeper (7.5 hrs/night).

With this definition, I would say that my recall goes up to 4 dreams when I carefully write down every dream night after night. But I don’t do that every night :} so my average is about 2 dreams/night.

That depends if i try to remember my dreams once i wake up, or else i wont remember any

I seem to remember about 4-5 dreams a night plus some ‘dreamlets’. I usually do this by keeping a pen and paper by my bed. When I wake up in the night I just pick up the pen and write some words down about the dreams that I remember. It’s amazing how you can learn to write in the dark :cool:
Occasionally though, this backfires and I don’t know the significance of the words which I wrote in the middle of the night.
When (and if) I get round to writing up my dream diary, I can usually fill up nearly one Word page (font size of 9).

Normally i only remember one dream,if i wake up in the night two.
The best i remembered was about 8 dreams,


Last night i remembered 5! dreams. That’s the most in one night for me. usually i can only rememeber 0-3 dreams/night.

I always remeber one. but normaly I remeber 3-5 dreams I witch one of them are false awakeing or lucid dreams

Me again. Thanks for responding to my n00b thread everyone! :silent:
I remember 0-3 dreams a night. 4 on a good night.


Every morning I remember some my dreams, but this morning: NOTHING. :confused:

The doorbel rang, but nobody was there. I got up and all dreams were gone. ‘Poof’. Hmmm, but maybe the doorbel was a dream :wink:. In that case I remember one second!

I remember 2-4 dreams per night, but usually they are just short or little longer parts of the dreams…
When I started to keep dream yo’rnal (LoL) my dream remembering got dramatically better…