How many dreams can you recall at once?

Depends on the night last night only three…I’d say that’s about average I guess, but sometimes more

Lucky you I usualy remember one to none dreams, only if I wake up several times, I have chance to remember a dream or two.

I’ve had about 15 once on Calea :razz:

I had 5 or 6 lucid dreams in one night once

and last one was followed with waking up and levitating, believe it or not above my bed!!!

What’s Calea?

That’s happened to me before! I had a false awakening and was floating over my bed…except I was at a 45 degree angle with my feet higher than my head. What’s with that?

If you come across a term you don’t know, it’s a good idea to use the search function and so find topics on it. I did a search and there were 15 topics … this seems to be the best one the BIG Calea zacatechichi topic as you will see calea is leaves and used to make tea usually

Usually 2-4 dreams. Lately I’ve been getting 5-7 though.
The most I’ve gotten was 12 dreams.