How many dreams can you recall at once?

When people recall more than one dream a night, say three, does it ever happen that you wake up in the morning and remember three all at once or is it always, wake up and recall one, go back to sleep, wake up and recall the second one, go back to sleep, and wake up and recall the third one? I don’t recall ever remembering more than one at a time myself, but I wonder if the more experienced dreamers with good recall can remember more than one at a time.

Interesting question.
Lately I don’t sleep very well, I wake up a lot during the night, then turn around and go to sleep again. I then do remember what I was dreaming (not always though), but if i find it interesting, I will try to remember it, and sometimes dream I write down that dream in the next dream.

on to your question - when I wake up in the morning, I do remember then a lot of dreams, but I wouldn’t be able to say which dream went ‘where’ in the night. Like this morning, I have a whole lot of dreams, and some flashes, and remember what came first, but not if flashes belong to the same dream or not.

Normally (when my recall is in order :tongue:) I wake up and know all my dreams, It is rarely I only recall one dream.

Mostly I start with remembering the last dream, the one I woke up with, and then i delve back in my memory – I dreamt something else too… what was it?.. and then it comes back.

Sometimes I remember more than one dream when I wake up in the morning, but I think that’s because I wake up drung the night and take note of those drams before returning to sleep, so when I finally get up, I have 3 or 4 dreams to record.

I find it varies.

Sometimes I remember only one dream (if any).

Sometimes I remember a new dream everytime I wake up – and sometimes I still remember them all when I get up and write things down, other times I only remember the ones I made notes about right away, and other times I don’t even recall the ones that jotted down notes for.

Sometimes I don’t wake up until time to get up, but I remember 4-5 dreams, in order, sequence clear in my mind, etc.

Overall, I’ve found that my average recall improvesif I consistently pay attention. In fact, I’ve sort of made an informal deal with my sub-conscous, that it’s OK to remember – and write down – just the 1-3 best, (most interesting / most important / most entertaining) dreams of the night.

Most of the time, I recall up to 4 dreams in one night. Then I record them in my dream journal in the morning. It use to be less than this but recording my dreams in my journal each morning really increased my dream recall.

I can remember up to 3 dreams per night. Mostly I just remember the last one of them when I wake up, then go “backwards” in my memory till I remember more.

The most dreams I can recall in one go is 3. But by waking up in the night, I can end up remembering a lot more dreams.

I remember fragments of 1-3 dreams when I wake up, the recent one in more detail and later in the day I sometimes get flashbacks reminding me of the bits I’d forgotten.

I haven’t been writing them down for a while so my recall isn’t great at the moment.

I remember exactly one dream every time I wake up. I’m pretty sure I only have one at a time, because they tend to be VERY LONG. They’re quite consistent, as well, so perhaps when other people would be dreaming of two or three completely different things in the same amount of time, they’re sufficiently different enough to seem like separate dreams. Whereas mine tend to be just one very big long story all heaped together (though it might have different parts within it).

That’s not to say I only have one dream per day - I often have more, but it depends directly on how many times I go back to sleep during the day.

i remember 3-ALL, it varies alot but when i started doing DJ for real I have started to recall all of them and more accurately, its only a matter of practise. (btw i had my first 1h LD two days ago, and i know it was 1h coz I fell asleep conscious and watched the clock before going back to bed and when i woke up 1 hour had passed :smile:

Up to 5-6

I’ve got a new personal record since this last night, I could remember up to 6 dreams :cool: .

Actually, I would talk about scenes rather than dreams : there might be a forgotten link between them that would reduce the number of dreams, but anyway I consider them individually in my dream journal…
Just notice that generally the last dreams I remember are those which are the most detailed and consistent (which responds to the increasing length of REM periods during the night, as I could read on a topic), and that writing them down in the middle of the night helps much…

(maybe the question dealt with dreams naturally remembered at waking time, without any night notes ?)

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I can recall all of my dreams that night. Every-so-often they all get bundled up and I’ll remember them as one dream, forgetting where one left off and the other began.

I usually wake up in the morning and even if my mind is blank at first, there’s this nagging feeling that there was a lot of dream activity throughout the night. If I just lie there, eventually I’ll recall and recall and recall some more until I’ve recalled enough that I’m satisfied there isn’t much else to remember and the nagging feeling is gone. My record is 4-5 which is a pretty consistent number. Concerning the nagging though, sometimes I’ll be going about my day and something will trigger something in my head and I’ll just stop and I know that a dream is about to emerge or an event in the dream is about to emerge. It’s really cool but takes patience since I’ll be drawing a blank and still know there’s something there then suddenly I’ll see the scene over again. One morning in the act of getting out of bed, showering, and making breakfast I had ten instances like that.

Sometimes I wake up recall one dream and go back to sleep then wake up and recall another. Other times I can recall more then one when I wake up in the morning.

Ussualy I’ll only wake up once that I notice. From that I’ve had times when I remembered 3 dreams, also sometimes during the day I’ll recall a fragment of a dream when something jogs my memory such as in seeing my school I may remember a dream that took place in school.

Usually I only remember one or two dreams. But the rare times that I do remember lots of dreams, they are all at once and I have to rush to write all of them down before I forget them.

I can recall a few dreams a the same time.
I don’t happen often, but it does happen.
But it’s irritating, cause I’m afraid I’m gonna forget the other dreams because I have to write so much. But that’s sometimes with 1 dream too. But mostly I see it as one big dream where I go to several places.

i always remember my dreams as one big dream with changing scenes, i will wake up in the night or right after dreaming and just go back to sleep then log it down in the morning, but most the time i am unable to differenciate between seperate dreams.

Just this morning I remembered 4 dreams clearly and the 5th cloudy.