How many Lds.

I was Just wondering
what is the most amount of LD’s you have had in one month?

Personally, my record is 8 in one month…I think

Though, according to the Competion Rankings Threads:

My record is 8 too.

My record is 113.

I’m i reading that right, you had 113 LD’s in one month!

Holy shit! 113 LDs in a MONTH? :unk:

What’s your secret? :nodnodwinkwink:

I just got into this whole lucid busines, and since I started out (two weeks ago) I’ve had 2 LDs. I think that is a record for me, and I hope there’ll be more to come.

Seriously, though. 113 LDs? Now that’s impressive. :good:

Holy! 113 LD’s? You either have way too much time on your hands or u LD’d several times a night. and have really good dream recall. you must’ve woken up mentally exhausted every day!

it was probably a typo? 13 would be my guess

113 seems impossible, or he must be doing it at work or something hehe.

It is not impossible, in eight hours of sleep, you would normaly dream about three and a half hours. Depending on how long your dreams are, that could be a lot of dreams. If the average dream is 30 min. then you would have seven dreams a night. 30 days in a month, that would be 210 dreams. :eek: That is what happens when you sleep. It is just about DR and becoming lucid. If you could remember half of your dreams, and were lucid in half of the dreams that you rember, that would still be 52 LD’s a month, with 30 min. dreams. :cool_laugh:
So work on your DR. :grin:
It should not make you tired, then you are dreaming all that time anyway, you are just not lucid, or worse you are lucid and forget the dream. :sad:

It’s not impossible. Lucidity_Master has his name for some reason.

No, if LD’ing wore me out I would certainly cut back on the amount of LD’s I have.

My “secret” essentially is confidence, I know I can have LD’s when I want, I am confident that my technqiues will work and thus I can LD at will. If you truly know that you can have LD’s and have a little experience with the techs. you can LD at will.

As a sidenote I would say there was a litle “cheating” in this particular one. I was in a competition with Pedro and we were both trying to see how many we could have in one month so I was very focused, in addition this included some nap LD’s as well.

I put the mentally tired thing because I heard that LD ing can be tiresome if you do it enough because your brain isn’t just wandering, but is more focused and clear. I don’t remember where I heard it, but i’m sure it would probably affect some more than others. It is still pretty coolthat you could do that many. I have been telling myself that if I trust that i will have a lucid dream then I will, and that if I know I will reach a dream state when doing WILD in a matter of minutes I will, but It is harder than it seems because self doubt is a persistent problem with many people, including myself. :sad: