How many variants of RCs should I use?

Because I only do the looking at my hands one, but very oftenly, so do u guys think I should do some others? Or is it really just the same thing?

Also, which ones are easy?

I plug my nose, try to breathe in and out, then look at my hands and pull on a finger, all while considering the thought/question, “Am I dreaming or not?” Most of my dreams are DILD, and they have increased ever since I started doing this combo RC. Hope that helps. :wave:

basically each one that you add onto your routine, the better chance you have of not missing an RC. i do three, but thats just what ive found works for me. just mess around with it.

i mean obviously you dont want to be sitting there doing RCs for 10 mins, but then again, you dont want to flip a light switch and it work and then forget about it and realize you really are dreaming.

to answer the question about which ones are easy, i find that holding your nose is the best failsafe one that i have used, its also quick, and if you dont want people to know what your doing, it just looks like your scratching your nose.

just play around with it, get your own feel for it.

Bite your lips. Works quite well, and can be done any time.

:smile: it kinda depends.

If you do the same thing over and over there a good chance that you will dream about there = lucid dream… but there is a catch

if you start to loose the feeling of why you are doing it and you just do . say you look at your hands and go yer i know i am awake i just did the test, then there is a chance that you will do that in your dreams as well! trust me ive had it happen a few times

if you mix up your RC a bit say you do your hand look and then you do a watch check then there is a better chance that you wont jsut do them for the sake of doing it you will really mean it when you do it. then when you dream and you do it you will mean and and boom lucid :smile:

good luck

i second that.

no matter what you do, questioning your reality is the most important part.

I like to really ask myself is: is everything around me clear (blink your eyes a few times, see if everything stays the same). I ask myself how I got to where I am, and run through the history of the day. If I don’t remember how I got there, it’s a dream.

The dream should also have a feeling to it - at least mine do - it just… feels like a dream. :shrug:

yes my dreams have that feeling as well. its how i go lucid now i can just feel the difference between between life and dreams.

lol if i were to use your RT of remembering where i had been i would always think i was dreaming! im so busy my memory is pretty full on sometimes :wink:

I look at my hand and count the # of fingers. I also use my vision (since I’m nearsighted). Sometimes I also look at my nose or read something, turn away, and see if what I was reading remained the same. Now and then I jump too. I don’t know if having such a wide variety of RC’s is a good thing though.

What is the one where you plug your nose? You plug it and try to breathe through it? And if you can, you’re dreaming?

i always just look at my hands once(usually only in a dream lol, so i allready have the suspicion that i’m lucid when i RC(BAD i know:P))and if my hand looks normal(only happened once) i do the nose-plugging RC

edit: yup, you plug your nose, and breathe through your nose, in a dream you can’t choke, you can also breathe underwater(i’ve done that once), you can die though(i’ve been hurt in 2 different dreams and killed once(i think, didn’t witness actually dying though), the oldest one i can remember(which involved the end of the world and was like 7+ years ago) is the one i died in(at least, i got a big comet on my feet and my vision got black and i woke up), the one where i got stabbed in the throat by a mate(i got hurt and was bleeding pretty badly) and another one where i was using an axe on a string(which is never smart:P) in which i also got the axe in my neck(why do sharp objects keep ending up in my neck in dreams))