how many

this is a question for those of you who consider yourselves expert lucid dreamers. how many lucid dreams have you had, and how long have you been ld-ing? i’ve been trying for 6 months, and have only had 3 lucid dreams. im not having problems remaining lucid once i realize that im dreaming, and im not having problems with control, but i wish they were more frequent.



by the way, im new to this forum.

I have had about 80 Ld’s. I can have them at will now. I have been doing Lucid dreaming for 4 months but have put a ridiculous amountof effort into it. Just keep trying and they will start to come. Good Luck!

I’ve been trying only for a week, and I have none yet. Hopefully, over the upcoming weeks I will have my first LD.

How long did it take for you guys to have your first Full Blown LD?

my first ld happened just short of a month after i started trying. i remember i was so excited about it and i was dying to tell someone, but it was seven in the morning in the middle of summer and no one was awake. once i did tell people they didnt really get it or they didnt care. but i was extatic.

+220 LDs since April 13, 2002. First LD after three days; first full blown LD after about two months. Yes, if you want them more frequently, you have to keep practicing. If you keep at it and really put some effort in it, then your LD-rate will surely increase. How fast this will happen depends ofcourse from person to person but it will increase. No doubt about that :smile:
Good luck! :wink:

yippeeee, I had my first. I started about a week ago. And already I have had my first lucid. The easy way (for me) was to use WILD.
Tho, it seemed more like a hallucination :smile:
I myself used mushrooms, and lucid dreaming uptill now, seems very very VERY alike :smile:


I have about 3 a week.
I started in may.

7, started in early july

I wonder how many pasQski’s got?

had my first one last night :happy: it took me two weeks

Congrats mineraal and tracer!! :mrgreen_hat: :thumbs:
Keep those LDs coming :cool_laugh:

I don’t know, i don’t keep track of that.

huh, i guess you know your doing good when you loose count

roughly 10 during the last 3 years all spread out like 2 in a week and then a 6 month gap before the next 1