How much b12 and when? details, please

Right before I sleep, when i’m very tired, I’m going to take a energy drink called “Fuze Healthy INfuzions”. It contains only 2mg (50%0 of b6 and only 6mcg(50%) of b12. However, i also have b12 pills that are 1500%b12 each. I was wondering in what order should i tak ethe drink and pill, and how many pills? Also, the b12 pill can dissolve in the energy drink, so should i put x number of pills in the drink? …Any answers would be great?

vit b12 only is well absorbed when there is a special substance in your stomach, or there is vit b11 added to it or calcium.

So that special substance to get a good aborbtion only some vit brands ahve that, but take at least vit b11 folic acid with it or it wont be absorbed good!

Hour before sleeping would do fine i think.

how much b11?? if b11 is folic acid like i read, what foods have it, and should i just put the pills in the food?

It sembles to me good info here:

hmm at least 800mcg of folic acid, and yes that is vit b11.
Well because u take a large amount of vit b12, so food would never compensate 4 it so u should take then folic acid pills also!