How much does good recall improve chances for lucidity?

Well, I’ve given up on WILD for now and am counting on MILD to get lucid. It’s my understanding that especially with this technique, it’s important to have good recall since you really don’t know when it’ll take effect.

Now, my question to you experienced LDers is: If you have very good recall, approximately how often do you get lucid using passive techniques, namely frequent RCs and MILD? Thanks in advance. (Oh, and no need to mention that it varies from person to person, I’d rather like to know about your experience.)

Well I don’t have particurly good dream recall but I normaly remember my lucid dreams. (But I suppose I wouldn’t know about it if I didn’t remember them so maybe I do forget a lot.) However when I do have an LD a lot of the time I only remember little bits of it, or get blanks in the middle of it.

There is no proven straight corelation between dream recall and lucidicy. You can get lucid often, but you could not recall it, and that’s why it’s important to get good recall. So without recall and with good LDing skills you could get lucid in few dreams at night, but not be able to recall any of them after wake up - and you don’t even know that you was lucid. I know what I am saying, from my own experience. It works inverted way - great recall is not going to make you lucid more often. You can recall few dreams at night after wakeup, but not get lucid in any of them.

However, you can use your recalling ability to recall what is happening often in dreams. It can be a DS that shows up often, how does dreams look like , or even what are you actually doing in dream most of time (such as searching, going somewhere, working, relaxing, etc).

My view on dream recall - it’s bit overadvertised (It’s not right word, but I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say). But when you are having a lucid dream, you are automaticly getting excited a bit, and you do want to recall it after wake up. From another hand, it’s necessary to recall at least a one dream most important fragments after wake up.

I understand exactly what you mean, Duck. Well, I imagine the better my recall, the more familiar I am with my dreams, and so the better my chances of distinguishing dream from reality at any given time. But if the rate of lucidity is low as well as totally random, that’s not very encouraging!

I have a different plan that goes be like this: I sleep four hours normally. I wake up, do WBTB. Then go on for another four hours doing WBTB every half hour, each very briefly of course, without getting out of bed, and fall asleep almost instantly with the firm intention of having a lucid dream. I have perfect recall of my dreams, normal or lucid, every time I wake up. Every time I fail to have a LD, the intention gets stronger and stronger until it becomes almost a “necessity” that I have a lucid dream before my time runs out and the new day begins. In other words, lucidity still happens randomly, but I try to gradually increase the chances of it happening using “suggestions”.

It sounds feasible, now that I’ve typed it out. I’ve been making prodigious use of WBTB recently with very good results and could insert such “suggestions” as I doze off again. I could just scribble some keywords into my DJ instead of full entries. What do the veterans think of this plan?

I am not a veteran, but my humble opinion is that it can work. But at first, REM starts after 5 hours (Right ? I’m not 100% sure :neutral: no word about it on wiki :meh:), if so first hour will have no chanse of working, and strong intention will blank a bit until REM will start.

At second, it’s worth to repeat MILD mantra during WBTB, I had great effect with that. But I was staying awake less that half of hour, repeating it all the time.

As third, overall idea is pretty right, and I wish you luck with that one. Stay positive, then it have great chanse of working:)

Edit: How are you going to call anyone here a veterean if you joined in 2005 ? :bored: It’s quite long time ago.

I slacked off for the past two years, kind of funny when you talk about sleeping.

Anyway, I’m very sure you have dreams long before the fifth hour. I know because one time I slept for two hours and had recall from two different dreams. Same for naps. As for the intention having to go through REM first, that may be an issue, but it may turn out to be just as effective as regular MILD. If need be, I could chop up my sessions into 20 minutes each. I don’t mind waking up often.

I guess I’ll give the plan a try and post here how it worked.

Even if dream recall doesnt help you get lucid, 2 things:

  1. if you cant remember lucid dreams, theres no point in having them.

  2. Most dreams are fun! its good to remember

About REM and deep sleep. You sleep in cycles of about 90 mins. The first cycle is almost all deep sleep, with a little REM at the end. The last cycle is almost all REM with a little deep sleep at the beginning.
That means a normal night with 7.5 hours of sleep could look like this: 80min deep sleep, 10 min REM sleep, 70min deep sleep, 20 min REM, 60 min deep, 30 min REM, 40 min deep, 50 min REM, 30 min deep, 60 min REM.
This differs from person to person, and from night to night. If you are very tired, you may have more deep sleep, and less REM. If you take sleeping meds. you may have little or no REM, that depends on the type of medication. After a period of little or no REM sleep, you can have a REM rebound with lots of REM sleep.
The dreams that happen early in the night tend to be vague and recall tends to be poor. Most people who sleep through the night only remember dreams from the last REM cycle.
That all means that your idea could work very well. You might wake up a few times without remembering any dreams when you wake up during a deep sleep cycle, but you should wake up during REM often in the last hours of sleep.
NOTE: Some people do dream during deep sleep, and some of them also say that they have good recall, and vivid dreams. There are people who say that they dream all night, and are lucid whenever they dream. This is not the norm. ( Some people can run a mile in less then four mins. :tongue: )

/me silently claps and coypes text into .txt not to forget that one ^^

a dream journal will help i bet

Yes, very helpful insight, that one! :ok:

I have noticed that there is indeed a correlation between quality of dream recall and having lucid dreams, at least for me. Of course, this does not imply that there is any causality. :roll:

But good dream recall can be a lot of fun by itself. :mrgreen:

Good recall helps a lot. If you are lucid and don’t remember it is it like it ever happend? It also helps you recognize dream signs and what it feels like in your dreams.

Since my recall has improved I become lucid about every three days, lately its been every other day.