How much time does your lucid dream lasts ?

Yes , You heard me . :wink:

Says 20 seconds in my sig :neutral:

But that is just an average, it’s different for each kind of dream. And they have become gradualy longer as I’ve gained lucid experience. Training helps alot.

I can usually get a minute or so out of one before I either loose lucidity, or wake up. But I was once fortunate enough to have an increbibly long LD, which seemed to last a bloody day.

sometimes 5 seconds, more regularly 3 minutes or 5 minutes. I think my very longest was about 8 mins
It’s hard to measure time in dreams

Mostly less than 1 minute. FAs are usually the shortest LDs for me, usually shorter than 10 seconds.

Umm mine have ranged from say" i am dreaming" then awake to close to an hour :happy:

Between 1 second and 5 minutes, usually. The LD from this night felt like more than 10 minutes :grin:

wow nice, is that because you did that massive RC ? :razz:

Well normally from 3-5 minutes, but lately its felt more like 8-10 :eek: I imagine its just a fluke? I Hope not… heh

Usually just a few minutes but I did have one which was a lot longer - don’t know for sure how much - 15 minutes perhaps?


My typical LD lasts between 5 and 20 minutes (sometimes a bit longer). And so far I’ve never remembered to do the stability thing. Maybe I should… kepp me going for longer :happy:.

Time is relative. A dream that lasts 10 seconds could feel like 10 days. All that matters is the experiance.

I do agree with that… to an extent. Be that as it may, you can be fairly accurate for the purposes of measuring if you consider the amount of time spent in one dream in relation to other dreams. At least that’s how I do it. I’m pretty confident with my guess when I wake up and recall everything I actualy did in the ld.

I try not to get too wrapped up in the amount of time a ld lasts for, but sometimes it can be very useful to monitor myself and the techniques I use.

…and of course we’re all in it for the experience anyways :wink:

yes i’d say time is relative, i once relived an entire week in one friday night LD, oddly enough this was anothewr one of my unintentional LDs. But it was cool cuz it was payday in the beginning so I kinda upped my paycheck considerably… :wink:

pauledwards03 , is that your actual picture ?